Do you like to spend time with children?

  Do you like to spend time with children?  Do you need a part-time job?     We recommend this job to you who wants to have fun with children.     Timing : Flexible timing ( 2 to 3hrs per day )   Field of work : Care and tutoring kids ( 3-10 year old children )   Qualification : One with bright personality who loves to spend time with kids  ( Fluent English speakers with H1, D10, F5, F6 visa and Gyopo Teacher )         How to apply?     1. Apply by E-mail ▶     2. Send your resume to us.  In the resume, please include:    a. your work experience with kids b. how long you will stay in Korea c. your visa type in Korea d. your nationality     3. Along with your resume, please send us your picture as well.     4. Please leave your contact information as we will call you for an interview after reviewing the resume.      Thank you.  

Starting date : Any Time