★Morning Part Time★ 2-week English Class

Yeomgyeong Middle School is looking for an enthusiastic, creative, caring, fun, and devoted instructor. 1. Job requirements:        * at least 6 months' experience of teaching in Korea        * must be in possession of at least BA degree (a copy must be handed in)        * must be in possession of a working visa (E2, F type one....)        * must agree to have 'criminal record check' 2. Working period: July 25 ~ August 5, 2016 (Mon to Fri) 3. Working hours: 08:40~12:50           (class hours - 09:00-12:20, plus a brief morning session and                                                extra time for commenting, grading) 4. Necessary documents to hand in :                                       * passport,                                      * visa                                      * a copy of university degree                                      * health check for employment report ( can be submitted any time during the camp - reimbursable) 5. Pay: 1,200,000 won 6. Location: Yeomgyeong Middle School, 79 Yeomchang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul 7. Class size: 20 8. Job description:     * to teach one reading/writing class based on a conversation book given as a text along with your own creative activities.     * to teach one listening/speaking class based on a conversation book given as a text along with your own creative activities     * to give and grade spelling tests,     * to leave comments on students' journals and book reports     * to prepare a lesson plan ahead and discuss it with Korean teachers     * to attend opening and closing ceremonies If you are interested in, please send your resume to psyche54ja@naver.com

Starting date : Any Time