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Understanding the challenges of learning the English language has helped us at YBM ECC to develop and implement a curriculum which focuses on the integration of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. By combining these four key elements, we are enabling our students to learn English in an exciting and effective way. We empower our students to become global leaders, and to do that, we recruit eager and passionate teachers to join us here at YBM ECC.

Oh Jae Hwan



At the Forefront of English Education


Founded in 1992, YBM ECC (English Centers for Children) was the first major chain of private English schools focused on teaching English to young learners in South Korea and we designed our curriculum to follow a consistent and systematic approach to learning the English language for kindergarten to middle school students. Since then, we have been fostering global leaders and consistently working to improve integrated English education.


Our 4+i Learning method includes the four skills of langauge acquisition (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) and integration. While learners easily forget what they read, when they read in conjunction with speaking and writing, they learn it. The integration part of our 4+i Learning method includes an iLearning program which allows students to go home and practice what they have learned in class and we seek to develop a balanced language development to help our students become fluent in understanding and thinking in English.


Understanding the need for effective and fun language learning solutions for young learners, our specialized curriculum focuses on building listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills and we developed in-house curriculum for non-native English speakers. Our textbooks cover a variety of topics from phonics to test preparation filled with pictures, illustrations, and stories that engage learners and motivate them to learn more.



Who We Are

In this short video, you'll learn the background story of YBM ECC and our mission and vision.

You'll also learn about our class levels, in-house curriculum and iLearning programs that were designed specifically by YBM ECC. In this video, you'll also get to sit in on several classes and get a feel for the fun activities and games that are implemented throughout our curriculum and classes.



Our Levels


Ivy Kids is a program developed for preschool and kindergarten students that specializes in English Immersion Education. The main curriculum of Ivy Kids is based on the International Standard Curriculum (IPC), which is the international curriculum for preschool students ages 5-7. Ivy Kids provides a balanced English education for students to thrive through small class sizes, individualized attention, developmentally appropriate curriculum, and by implementing the schema building process.


The Elementary Program teaches students the four skills of English with a focus on conversation. Not only does it allow students to develop English comprehension but also integrated English skills. Through this program, non-native English speakers learn to listen, speak, read, and write as if they were learning English naturally. The Elementary Program implements systematic learning of the four language learning skills along with on/offline blended learning solutions and in-house curriculum.


YBM Prime is an English program for upper elementary and middle school students. Through this course, students not only improve their English abilities, but also strengthen their test preparation skills for college entrance exams. Based on secondary and advanced curriculum, our in-house textbooks provide a step-by-step learning method for students. Since students are exposed to similar problems and methods on the CSATs, students are prepared to adapt easily to actual tests. YBM Prime also provides students with a solid foundation of grammar and helps students prepare for performance evaluation with in-house curriculum for speaking and writing.



Our Programs



YBM ECC and CNN partnered together and developed teaching materials for all CNN levels. CNN students reinforce what they've learned through blended learning wih CNN4U, an online learning program.
  • By watching and listening to current events in real life, students can learn English actively.
  • Through CNN classes, students can understand context-sensitive expressions.
  • Students learn through step-by-step and systematic lessons
  • Students build a portfolio of speaking and writing and learn listening, discussion, essay writing, and presentation skills.
  • CNN classes foster not only integrated development of four areas, but also logical and thinking skills.
Read & Debate is a debate-based English class that provides an accurate understanding and analysis of various subjects.
Students develop speaking and writing skills supported by logical and critical thinking skills and is used in many presigious private middle and high schools.
Following the “Harkness Table” method, we read and discuss various topics and cultivate active thinking and expressions.
Our Test Preparation classes help students prepare for accredited certification exams. These classes are great for students who want to achieve visible goals in a short time through intensive and systematic English learning that will also improve their overall English. Various test preparation classes are available so students can choose the class that suits their purpose and level. We offer test preparation for JET, JET Speaking, TOEFL, TOSEL, and TOEIC Bridge.




iLearning, which is officially certified, offers a wide range of four areas of English to maximize the effectiveness of learning. iLearning is an online learning program where students can use the learning module to prepare and review.


  • Induces regular learning with a learning schedule tailored to offline courses
  • Advanced voice recognition system for speaking tests
  • Logical speaking practice, not just listening and following
  • Presents best answers immediately and motivates by grading scale
  • Improved inter-area learning ability through integrated on- and off-line programs

Learn more about CNN news, not just offline, but online. CCN4U is a self-developed online learning program by YBM ECC.


  • Practice writing of various topics
  • Correction map through online Writing Solution
  • Pronunciation learning with state-of-the-art voice recognition capabilities
  • A thorough analysis of the wrong answers by checking real-time answers
  • Report sheet provided in detail and systematically after analyzing the four major areas

Grammar Up! is designed to strengthen grammar for elementary school students to middle school students. Grammar Up! is a convenient and efficient grammar video lecture service which allows students to choose their own level.

  • 20 chapters, consisting of 161 video lectures
  • Detailed composition ranging from simple and basic grammar to lectures on family and other grammar usage


SR/AR, STAR Reading (SR Reading Level Test) and Accelerated Reader (AR Book Quiz), is a reading program that is used for kindergarten to high school students, and is implemented in 60,000 schools in the United States and 60 countries around the world. This program is officially recommended by the National Teachers Association (NEA).

BookFLIX is the electronic library of Scholastic, the world's leading publisher of children's books.

  • Students read and listen to fiction and nonfiction books in the form of video storybooks in an eBook format.
  • Scholastic BookFLIX is designed and used in national libraries and public elementary schools in the U.S.

Read Together was designed for students to listen to and read from online videos of different levels of storybooks.

Our online reading programs increase interest in reading through fun chants and games.


Read Together includes:


  • Story English
  • Story Korean
  • Story Repeat
  • Game
  • Story Alone
  • Chant Repeat 






Join the Team


Teachers at YBM ECC are enthusiastic and energetic. They love teaching our young learners and they are flexible in the classroom. Our teachers can also teach a variety of subjects and topics from phonics to debate and are willing to commit to working with us for one year. Along with a competitive salary, benefits, and housing, teachers at YBM ECC also receive a week of formal training before teaching in a real classroom as well as monthly teacher training and meetings.





YBM ECC has branches all over Korea including Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, Daejeon, Daegu, Jeju Island, and other areas! Check out Our Branches tab to see a full list of locations.

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