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The core values of QMC are 'People’ and ‘Technology. ‘Respect people and improve technology’ is the core philosophy at QMC.



Business Area

Based on 15 years of experience in HW and SW development in LED, semiconductors and display equipment, QMC has been earning recognition as becoming one of the leading suppliers in the LED and semiconductor equipment market. 


In addition, QMC recently has also been diversifying its product portfolio by developing equipment for automotive and mobile device manufacturing applications. 

QMC has always been Focusing and strengthening on five core In-house technologies: Mechanical design, Automation & Machine vision Control SW, Test, and Laser & Optics, and based on these core capabilities, QMC has been producing equipment fit for the production environment for the past 15 years, mainly serving the Optoelectronics industry, including equipment for VCSEL, and Semiconductor manufacturing applications.




QMC has been producing equipment fit for the production environment over the past 15 years, mainly in the Optoelectronics including VCSEL, and Semiconductor business sectors. 




Our Products

Wafer Probing System 
Wafer Probing System 
 Chip Sorting System
LED Transfer System 

Die Transfer System

Laser Lift Off System
Laser Cutting System
Wafer Probing System 

Laser Lift Off System
Laser Scribing System 
Laser Marking System 






  • 2018~Developed micro LED manufacturing equipment


    English 900 launched


    Green Technology Certificate


    ISO9001 Certification (KQA)


    Certified InnoBiz Enterprise
    Certified IT Enterprise


    2006 First to develop laser cutting                                equipment in Korea


    Established R&D Center


    Established QMC Co. ltd





One Team, One Family








55, Heugan-daero439beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, 431-804, Republic of Korea

Haorenji (China)

Shimao Plaza, No.291 Qianjin East Road,Kunshan Economic Technical Development Zone,Jiangsu Province,215333 China. 



QMC encourages the traits of "Growth, Owner Spirit, Professionalism and Communication" to current employees and this also serves as a guideline for new applicants interested in the company




半导体制造设备软件控制 (Semiconductor manufacturing equipment software control), 半导体制造设备的动作定义控制 (Semiconductor manufacturing equipment control), 半导体软件 (Vision) 开发 (Semiconductor Software (Vision) Development)

事业领域 / 前景 (About)   以LED,半导体及显示器全面丰富的设备开发经验为基础,在先进国家独占的LED,半导体设备市场逐渐拓宽领域,成为先进企业,通过开发汽车零部件及移动零部件检查设备, 实现事业领域的多元化.     Candidate Requirements (For each job)   半导体制造设备软件控制   1) 年龄 : 无关 2) 经历 : 具备FA设备软件开发经验 3) 工资 : 面试后决定 4) 录用职位 : 从代理到理事 5) 具备事项 (要充足下面全部要求) ① Windows O/S Application 可以开发 ② C/C++ 语言可以使用 ③ Motion system有经验或者 Vision system有经验 6) 优待事项 ① 会话:英语或汉语 ② 学士S/W相关专业者 ③ FPD/半导体设备有经验 ④ MES/CIM/GEM 有经验   半导体制造设备的动作定义控制   1) 年龄 : 无关 2) 经历 : 自动化控制 Framework 开发及半导体制造设备软件开发经验 3) 工资 : 面试后决定 4) 录用职位 : 从代理到理事 5) 负责职务 : 但导体制造设备定义控制 6) 技术事项  ① Motion/Vision/ Laser/测试机当中,一种以上设备软件开发经验。  ② 设备安装及客服经验  ③ 开发语言 : Visual C++ ( 中 ) 7) 有待事项 ① 开发语言 : C#.NET,C++11/14 ② OOP,COM 基板的软件设计经验 ③ 脚本语言(Lua, Python, Ruby 等) 项目采用经验   半导体软件 (Vision) 开发   1) 年龄 : 无关 2) 经理 : 半导体设备软件(影响系统) 开饭经验 3) 工资 : 面试后决定 4) 录用职业 : 从代理到科长 5) 具备技术要求 (要充足下面全部要求) ① Windows Application 可以开发 ② C/C++ / C# 语言可以使用 ③ 视觉算法(Vision algorithm )、视觉库开发(vision library development)(Cogenx, Euresys 等) 6) 优待事项 ① Vision 有关专业的硕士/博士学位 ② 有Vision测试设备经验(FPD/半导体制造设备) ③ vision library 开发经验者(Cognex/Euresys 等) ④ 残疾人,国家保训对象者   * 提交文件 - 简历和自我介绍书,经验记述书(需要具体说明),Portfolio(优待); - 必须填写联系方式和希望年薪   * 聘请流程 - 文件审核 -> 面试 - > 最终合格     福利制度   - 每周五天工作制(工作时间 09:00~18:00) - 所得税减免5年 - 定期休假, 礼曹休假, 相助会运营 - 年金保险: 国民年金(四大保险),雇佣保险(四大保险),产险(四大保险), 健康保险(四大保险), 退休年金, 意外伤害保险 - 工资制度: 长期员工奖励, 优秀员工奖励, 公司内部推荐奖励, 退休金, 计件工资 - 补贴制度: 加班津贴,职责津贴,长期工龄津贴 - 援助资金/贷款: 各种红白喜事援助 - 节日/纪念日: 节日礼物/ 回乡费, 创立日礼物支付, 结婚纪念日礼物 - 大学/研究生学费支持   - 交通/上下班: 支持停车费 - 支付品: 公司记事本/度假村使用权 - 其他: 驻外工作人员制度 - 培训/培训: 提高职务能力培训, 购书费支持, 指导制度, 公司内部外语讲座 - 休息日/休假: 年假, 婚假, 创立日休假, 劳动节休假, 休假费支援, 奖励休假 - 公司活动: 始务式活动, 终务式活动, 创立日活动, 爬山大会, 优秀员工颁奖礼, Workshop, 体育大会, 郊游会   - 联谊会/组织:联谊会/社友会(经社理事会),工会/劳资协会 - 公司氛围: 注重人才培养 - 饮食相关: 提供午餐, 晚餐, 有冰箱, 有微波炉, 餐费/餐券支付,饮料提供(茶,咖啡),区内食堂(社员食堂) - 医疗/健康: 健康检查 - 生育/育儿:产前休假,男性产假 - 办公室环境: 休息室, 睡眠室, 女性专用休息室, 淋浴室, 会议室(可PT) 卫生间比德, 公司专用办公楼, 公司内部庭院 - 衣服相关: 自由服装, 提供公司制服  

Starting date : AnyTime
Equipment SW Engineer: Window/PC based Software Design, Program, and Implementation.

QMC is one of the leading companies in the LED, and semi-conductor market where advanced countries and nations monopolize. We are diversifying our business area by developing auto parts and mobile parts inspection equipment. We are looking for individuals who are knowledgeable of the semi-conductor and automation industry. Candidate Requirements:   Minimum 3-5 years hands-on Programming and SW Development experience in the equipment automation industry. C/C++ a Must (Other development languages a plus) Min. BS in SW Engineering Degree, Prefer up to Masters/PhD Degree Familiar with Windows O/S Level Application Programming Familiar with Motion and Vision system Programming/Development Fluent in English (Native Level) and/or Chinese (Native level) * All Candidates must be fluent in Korean Job Responsibilities / What you will be doing:   Programming/development for FPD/Semiconductor equipment. MES/CIM/GEM programming and Application. Engaged in all phases of the software development lifecycle which include: gathering and analyzing user system requirements, Develop, test and implement new software programs Clearly and regularly communicate with management and technical support colleagues Test, maintain and recommend software improvements to ensure strong functionality and optimization Independently install, customize and integrate commercial software packages Facilitate root cause analysis of system issues Work with experienced team members to conduct root cause analysis of issues, review new and existing code and/or perform unit testing Identify ideas to improve system performance and impact availability Resolve complex technical design issues Development of technical specifications and plans Analyze user requirements and convert requirements to design documents Make good technical decisions that provide solutions to business challenges Provide comprehensive support to internal customers; achieve resolution to outstanding problems or issues Compile timely, comprehensive and accurate documentation and or reports as requested Possess up-to-date knowledge of technological developments in the industry Communicate effectively and professionally in all forms of communication with internal and external customers Possess strong problem solving and decision making skills while using good judgment Multi-task and a self-starter   Working Conditions   Working Hours: 09:00 am ~ 6:00 pm (Monday ~ Friday) Annual salary and retirement pension system Performance and individual performance-based incentives. Insurance: 4 Social Insurance (National Pension, Health Insurance, Employment Insurance, Industrial Accident Insurance) Regular health checkup (yearly) Company restaurant (lunch, dinner) Long-term retirement awards, excellent employee recognition, internal recommendation subsidy Regular holidays, congratulatory/ condolence holidays, Mutual Aid Society Holiday gifts Educational support National project supports (SBC and others)  

Starting date : AnyTime