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Over the past 10+ years, Worknplay has helped thousands of people find jobs and has equipped hundreds of employers with the talent they need. It's what we do and we do it better than anyone else.

Post Jobs & Search Resumes

WorknPlay's ad and talent search services make it easier for you to identify potential employees.

Boost My Brand

Highlight your company's core values and working culture to distinguish yourself from the competition.

Headhunting Service

Our headhunting team will make it easier to recruit people who meet the needs of your company.

Post Jobs & Search Resumes

Hot Job

275,000 KRW


Standout from the crowd! Separate your company from the competition by keeping your job posting the top of the ‘Work’ page.You can post a hot job within only minutes.

First 7 Days ₩ 275,000
Additional day ₩ 30,000

Standard Job

55,000 KRW


Advertise your job vacancy to thousands of eager job seekers on Worknplay and start receiving applications from potential candidates within the same day.

1 Posting ₩ 55,000
3 Postings ₩ 132,000
5 Postings ₩ 165,000

Resume Search

33,000 KRW


Use our various resume search tools that can let you find the perfect candidates that you need for your business.

7 Days ₩ 33,000
14 Days ₩ 59,400
21 Days ₩ 79,200
28 Days ₩ 94,000
A.Hot Job Recruitment Advertising

A. Hot Job Recruitment Advertising

  • ₩ 275,000 (7 days) + ₩ 30,000 / per added day
  • Company logo/banner shown alongside job information.
  • Always stays on the top of the ‘Job List’ page (until your credit is used up).
  • Your post will automatically be posted within the Standard Jobs Section as well.
  • Also allows you the option to search and open resumes (instead of purchasing resume search credits).
  • You can purchase a minimum of 7 days, and purchase additional days for a price. (For instance, if you wish to have your post up for 10 days, you can purchase 7 days + 3 additional days (₩ 275,000 + ₩ 90,000 = ₩ 365,000))

B. Standard Job Recruitment Advertising

  • 1 Job Posting   ₩ 55,000
  • 3 Job Postings   ₩ 165,000 → ₩ 132,000
  • 5 Job Postings   ₩ 275,000 → ₩ 165,000
  • ※ Buy 3 & 5 credits at a discounted price.
  • Initial posting appears immediately at the top of the ‘Job List’ page.
  • Posting will descend further down when newer postings are added.
  • You can repost your job posting for additional credits, which will put it at the top of the list again.
  • Job postings will remain listed for 90 days.
C. Resume Search

C. Resume Search

  • 7 days   ₩ 33,000
  • 14 days   ₩ 59,400
  • 21 days   ₩ 79,200
  • 28 days   ₩ 92,400
  • ※ Period starts the day after you first view a resume.
  • ※ Credits cannot be refunded, or exchanged for a job posting credit after purchase.
  • Access resumes in the ‘Resume List’ to find qualified candidates.
  • Bookmark and organize job candidate resumes in a your own personal folder.
  • Unlimited use of the resume search service within the purchased period.
  • Type in and/or select search keywords (industry, location, nationality, etc.) to find the right resumes.
  • Browse through full resumes of potential candidates. (Contact information included).
  • Call or email the job seeker directly to give a job offer or request an interview.

Boost My Brand

More than 60% of job seekers worldwide feel that most job ads don’t provide enough information about the companies hiring. Candidates want to know more about a company’s management system, mission, and working culture.

WorknPlay’s corporate branding service allows you to create a high-quality company profile that highlights your companies mission, successes and working culture. A high-quality profile will not only attract the right job applicants but also bolster the overall promotion of your company online.

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KW Partners

Korea Invention Promotion Association

Headhunting Service

In an era of globalized competition, how quickly a company hires the brightest international talent is one of its biggest challenges.
WorknPlay’s global talent recruitment management system allows companies to recruit more easily and effectively.

Talent Pool

Right Talent

Headhunting for Expats, International Students, Multilingual Speakers, Overseas Koreans, Language Specialists, etc.

We Will...

Develop Job Descriptions & Specifications – In close contact with the client, we will outline all the details of the position, identify its requirements and ideal candidates.

Provide Translation and Proofreading Assistance – We provide this as a necessary service.

Screen Candidates – More than just filtering by keywords, we look at resumes in-depth to find the right candidate for your business.

Devise a Candidate Attraction Strategy – Using the entire WorknPlay portfolio of services including more than 10 partner job boards, social media, and other marketing strategies, we will actively publicize your job postings and create attractive client PR.

Create Branding – We’ll help you become an employer of choice by working with you to create a recognizable brand online and within our partner network.

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