Daegu, Suseong Campus, POLY Language School

At POLY Language School, we are committed to providing curriculums which are designed for returnee and non-returnee students, who seek to not only maintain their language proficiency but continue to develop their abilities. At Suseong POLY, we have a comprehensive language arts program for our students, from Pre-School to eighth grade.  We are aware of the role teachers have in the development and success of a child’s education, therefore we are committed to a standard of excellence that we hold all our teachers to. The title of "POLY Teacher" is given only to the best, and we are hiring potential teachers who wish to earn that title (Up to 4 potential candidiates will be considered, two starting from end of June, and the other two starting from end of July)     Candidate Requirements:   Native English Foreigner / Gyopo (Overseas Korean) allowed (Prefer someone with teaching experience) Able to start work from either end of June, or end of July Is able to work situated in Daegu, Suseong Someone who is passionate in teaching, organized and loves children   Working Conditions   Working Hours Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 09:00 am ~ 6:05 pm Tuesday, Thursday : 09:00 am ~ 6:45 pm Holiday/Vacation: 10 days Flight Ticket (One trip only) Lunch provided Housing provided (within walking distance to the school) Other benefits, opportunities: negotiable  

Starting date : ASAP