Adult Teaching Business English, Part-time, Available in Gangnam

Adult Teaching Business English, Part-time, Available in Gangnam NOBLISH is an English education company which targets on intermediate/Low-advanced level of English learners in Korean with needs of high-business manner/dimension. Those learners have high needs of learning high end advanced English/ Business English. Noblish Premium Business Course is currently recruiting ESL Business Course Teacher to join our growing team. # Location : Seoul – Ganganm # Level : Intermediate/ Low-Advanced # Type of Education  1) Open Lecture Class (Regular/ Once a month)    Lecture + Conversation/ Presentation / Negotiation / Writing Lecture  2) Company Business English Lecture (asked in Advance)  3) Editing/Translating Service (Mou with Big Companies :) # Qualifications : F2,F4,F5, F6 Visa Holder # Pay : negotiation  - Regular Class/ Open Lecture (5~7 per hour)  - Editing (Letter Based/ Different on the Project)  - Company Lecture (8~15 per hour)   # Class Example (6 months duration) 1st/2nd month: Teach & Practice ‘Basic Business English’ (Teach Business Conversation/ Practice Business Conversation with Learners) 3rd/4th month: Teach & Practice ‘Business Presentation’ (Lecture/Presentation with Learners) 5th/6th Month: Teach & Practice ‘Business Negotiation’ on the table’ * Course book/ Curriculum will be decided with the company and teachers. Welcome to the teachers who feel free to make English Contents/ teach Business English. Noblish CEO, Sunny Eunhwa Kim, is Education Program Dirctor, Content Developer (English/ Philosophy), Business English Consultant, and English teacher as well as Columnist. She loves to help the learners who have a lot of difficulty in learning English. And she is publishing Business Book this year or at the begining of the next year. She has a master degree on English education, and BA on English literature/Philosophy. Noblish looks for a person who has a high passion on Education.   Apply/Send your CV to Sunny Eunhwa Kim Noblish/ 함께하는교육연구소 CEO 02-558-1318 (Can call 10 to 6) Noblish website: (updating, teachers lists) facebook:   Let's go ahead together!

Starting date : ASAP