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Director's Message

As an international Christian school, we base our curriculum on the standards of the U.S. educational system taught from a biblical perspective. We encourage students from a young age to grow into bilingual, globally talented individuals through a well-rounded and balanced education. We also believe that students should be pursue their own interests and God-given talents to reach their full potential.

Ms. Sooyoun Kim
MICA director



What We Strive For

At MICA, we want each student to be proud of his or her education and accomplishments. Therefore, we built a modern, student-centered facility that provides a safe environment that allows our students to create and explore. As an international school, we implement a U.S.-based curriculum along with other proven programs that not only make learning fun and exciting but also strengthen reflection and retention. Students are assessed in a variety of ways which are then used together to develop a course for success. Through these assessments, teachers are able to find the potential of our students and help them grow to be global leaders. Our Christian Centered Philosophy is dependent upon parental support to help our students become role models to their peers and reflect their mentors.



Academic Curriculum


Our curriculum is based primarily on the standards of the U.S. educational system and include the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Advanced Placement courses from the College Board. Taught from a biblical worldview, courses are designed to challenge students academically and to help them think critically and creatively. The goal at MICA is to prepare all students academically, socially, and emotionally to enter post-secondary education in the finest universities in Korea, the USA, and worldwide. We also offer a variety or after-school activities for students to continue to develop their skills and talents.


 Elementary School

Our elementary school curriculum is based on the US Common Core States Standards, which is a set of high-quality standards in mathematics and English Language Arts and Literature.

For literary instruction, we use Lucy Calkin's "Readers and Writers Workshop" which helps students gain confidence and skills in reading and writing.

 Middle School

Our middle school students develop knowledge and research skills based on their own personal interests through the US Common Core State Standards.

Transitioning from elementary to middle school, students are supported by professional educators and staff who tailor the curriculum based on their interests, academic skills, and standardized assessments.


 High School


Based on the US Common Core State Standards, MICA strives to improve high school student learning using current teaching methods based on current educational research.


We offer a diverse curriculum that allows students to individualize their own courses of studies and meet their objectives, needs, and interests. Morever, we seek to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed at top universities worldwide.





Inside MICA

At MICA, we provide educators and students with modern facilities that encourage learning and creativity.

Our full gymnasium features a rock climbing wall, an outdoor soccer field, and two play areas for our students to play and explore. Our art room allows students to get creative and explore hands-on projects while our music room also doubles as a choir and orchestra room. Not only do we hold chapel in our auditorium, but we also host events such as plays and orchestras. We also have an IT room for students to learn about technology and our library provides child-friendly computers to enhance learning through the Scholastic Reading Program.

Did we mention delicious food? Our on-campus cafeteria provides healthy, organic-based lunches and snacks, which is prepared by a licensed nutritionist and enjoyed by students and teachers alike.


Outside MICA

Located in Suji on the outskirts of Seoul about 20 minutes away from Gangnam Station by subway, MICA is situated in a suburban area surrounded by beautiful nature. 

You may enjoy the Gogiri Reservoir, Cheonggye Mountain, Bara Mountain, and Baekwoon Mountain, a natural treasure in the urban areas of Suji and the Bundang district.


Housing at MICA

MICA offers off-campus housing for foreign teachers near Migeum station, located twenty minutes away from Gangnam station. A commuting shuttle bus service provides convenient transportation for teachers to and from MICA.

Each teacher will be given their own one-room apartment which includes a small kitchen with a refrigerator, a microwave, and an electric range. The accommodation also includes a heating, air conditioning, a bathroom, and a washer/dryer combination.



Join the Team


MICA teachers are passionate about teaching and they enjoy working with our elementary, middle, and high school students. At MICA, you may teach a variety of school subjects and you'll join a great team of colleagues who have experience teaching in school settings and are ready to help you make the teaching transition to MICA. As an international Christian school, we are interested in learning about you and your biblical background. We hope you will consider joining our enthusiastic, energetic, and fun group of teachers here at MICA, so please check out our current job positions!

Our Employees

Sooyoun Kim

MICA Director

Shelly Rene Norris

Art Teacher

Alaina Caruso

English Teacher