About Us

At Krabel, we provide our young students and toddlers with an immersive English education to help set them up for future success.  At Krabel we have built an environment that provides "children's first little society".  Our curriculum is based on the findings of Chris Parabel, and is based on the German theory of early childhood education. Our school is a leader in early childhood education for infants and toddlers in Korea that provides English education from domestic and foreign teachers. 




1. Pre-K (Ages 3-4 years old)

2. Kindergarten (Ages 5-7 years old)



Our Programs

1. Our Krabel Tiny program is the first introduction to the English lanuage for our students. We believe that by starting their education when they are young and by making learning fun through play learning, our students will be able to develop faster and achieve success in the future.  The subjects taught at our Tiny program are: games, creativity, math, science, physical education and English.

2. Our Krabel Kindy program seeks to provide a carefully tailored education to help prepare our children who dream of becoming global leaders.  The subjects taught at our Kindy program include: project classes, fairytales, English, math, science, physical education, music, and social education.




Our campus is located in the Gangnam district of Seoul, one of the most popular areas in the country!  We are located near Daechi where there are a variety of unique and interesting cafes and restuarants for you to explore!  We also are not that far from Han River where you can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities!



Who We're Looking For

  • We are not hiring candidates outside of Korea.


E-2 Visa Holders:

  • MUST be a citizen of the U.S. or Canada