Kiz Co Children's English Institute

About Us
Kizco is an English-language institute for kindergarten to elementary school students that opened in December 2012. We operates under transparent management principles based on the education and Christian spirit of Comenium, and we will bring early English education to the highest level through field class experience and thorough education research.

Through various cultural experiences, activities, reading and reading programs, children are encouraged to think and to develop their ability to express themselves through continuous training in expressing their thoughts in writing and in words. Our curriculum was developed following the economic, political, military, scientific, cultural, and colonial influence of the U.K. Our teachers come from the U.S. and Canada and are here to help students improve their language abilities.





 Teaching Methods





 - Language Arts (Intensice English)
- A subject-oriented English program tailored to a child's age and level. (Theme Based Activities)
- The reference to how listening, speaking, reading, and writing is taught separately by the Whole language approach through the four major areas of language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing in learning a language, but how it is taught by itself in situations of communication.

Textbooks: step-by-step esl teaching materials, Jolly Phonics, JY Books, American Textbooks.
Storybook-oriented programs tailored to age development and children's levels (Literacy).
Creative programs through various subject learning and extended play classes.





Creative Arts & Drama
- subject-oriented process

- Roleplay, Imagination Activities, Music, Games, Art, Organize into other creative activities

Creative Movement
- Constructed to inspire physical development and artistic sensibility through five senses as children imitate and express what they see, hear, think, and imagine.
- Promote sociality and holistic education among children through activity classes


 Physical Education Participating in sports with a Physical Education teacher (Soccer, Ballet, Taekwondo etc.)
 English Origami English Origami classes
 Cooking Through easy cooking classes, the kids can firsthand try cooking!
 Creative Art Time to promote the development of small muscles in creative art.
 Sand Play Time to play with sand to promote creative expression and emotional development.
 Science & Math Mathematics and science learning (Once a week).
 Music Learning to use instruments and understanding music with a music teacher.



 Program for Children's Personality and Emotions through manager education and English Bible
Textbooks: Bob Johnson University Bible Program, Kids Bible Drama



We're located in the northern part of Seoul, but we're close to Hongdae, so you can get around to see all of the historical sites in Seoul. Also, you can easily get to Myeongdong, where you can eat and shop 'til you drop, We're also close to a mountain, so you can get out and enjoy nature.