JW Academy

At JW Academy, we seek to provide a quality English education to students in Kindergarten through Elementary school.  Our school focuses on developing 4 different qualities within our students which is illustrated by the acronym CEO-M.  C stands for Concentration, E for Endurance, O, for Optimism, and M stands for Morality. 



We provide Kindergarten (ages 5-7), and elementary school (grades 1-6) a variety of subjects all taught in English.  These subjects include Phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Projects, Math, Hands-on Science, Library, Music, Cooking, and Arts & Crafts.




JW’s campus is located right near Jamsilsaenae station and is a hot place for people to hang out, eat and shop. In the area, there are many cafes, convenience stores, restaurants, and it is only a few minutes’ walks away from Lotte World, one of the most famous theme parks in Korea.