J Prep

About Us

J Prep Language Institute operates an integrated course curriculum that allows students to write, speak and read whatever they want, outside of a formal class setting.


Our Mission

J Prep utilizes the NOVEL STUDY program which introduces children's literature, various expressions, and vocabulary that appear in standardized tests in the US.  By introducing students to these materials from a young age, it has been found to have a positive effect on their education.  At J Prep, students are allowed to experience the fun of writing and freely express themselves on any topic.  This helps them feel more interested in the topics and expand their diverse thinking skills.




1. Elementary: Grades 1-6



Our Programs

1. In our Elementary program we use the NOVEL STUDY program to help children prepare to study abroad in the US and other countries.  The subjects covered in classes include extensive writing, grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, debate, test prep, and current events.  Our reading program also uses the Reading Explorer program and uses books that are studied in the US. 




We are located in the Gangnam district of Seoul, right next to Hanti station.  We are located 15 minutes away from Gangnam station where you can explore a variety of restaurants, shops, and Seoul nightlife. 



Who We're Looking For

J Prep welcomes you to become a member of our outstanding faculty. We have skilled and dedicated staff that create individualized curriculum with the best interest of students in mind.


J Prep is looking for the following candidates:

  • 4 years Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university
  • Must have both an apostilled diploma and criminal background check from the last 6 months READY TO GO
  • Entry-level or experienced native English speakers