JLS Osan


About Us
We provide a quality English education to Korean students all throughout the country.  We have a variety of locations that all share the same vision of giving students an advantage and training them to become future leaders. 




Mission and Vision
At JLS, we promise honesty and respect to all of our teachers.  Our native English teachers and bilingual teachers work together to help our students learn effectively and improve their English skills.




Grade Levels
1. Elementary (Grades 1-6)
2. Middle School (Grades 7-9)
3. High School (Grades 10-12)


Our Program
1. The Chess program is geared towards Elementary school students in grades 1-6. We have developed our own curriculum, Caramel Tree, which covers phonics, reading, and writing. Our bilingual homeroom teachers are also able to help student growth in and outside of the classroom. You will be responsible for teaching vocabulary, listening, reading, nonfiction, and speaking through various textbooks and activities. The e-learning system makes it easier for teachers to monitor students’ progress.
2. The ACE program is an integrated curriculum and test preparation alongside English Immersion from students from Elementary grade 6 to Middle school grade 2. Students receive customized learning courses based on their levels. In ACE, students learn to think critically and strengthen their logic and persuasive skills. ACE focuses on systematic, performance-based repetition system and a variety of targeted grammar, topic, and vocabulary books are used. You will also help students develop strategies to ace their entrance exams and students practice writing, speech, discussion, presentation, and essay writing.
3. The V-Group Program is a program geared towards students in Middle school grade 3 to High School grade 3. The goal of this program is grade management and college entrance exam preparation. You will be responsible for helping students prepare to enter special high schools and for the SAT.




We’re located in Osan, which is South of Seoul. In the area, there are a variety of restaurants, cafes, convenience stores, and a Lotte Mart where you can buy everything from groceries to home supplies. Since the Osan Air force Base is located in the area, there are a larger variety of international restaurants and stores within the city. It is a 1 hour bus ride to Gangnam station from the area.




Who We're Looking For

JLS is looking for the following candidates:

  • 4 year Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • F-Series visa holders
  • Entry-level or experienced native English speakers
  • Bilingual teachers