Teach Children  on an International Level

IGS is partnered with St. Paul’s international school and uses a plan based on their American curriculum. 


Go anywhere you want!

GloLink has campuses all across the Korean peninsula


Teach a western curriculum.

GloLink’s curriculum is based on the american curriculum along with parts of the Canadian curriculum.



About Us

St. Paul’s International Global Scholars, IGS, is a new addition to the St. Paul network. St. Paul’s international school program started in the USA and has proven their education methods can consistently guide international students to bilingual fluency. Now, St. Paul is bringing their curriculum to kindergarten students and helping students build a foundation for their English education.

IGS’s program aims to not only educate our students in English but also in cultures around the world. The kindergarten program’s focus on international understanding will give students the tools to become tomorrow’s leaders.



Who We’re Looking For

With a program based around educating students on international cultures, IGS is looking for teachers with an understanding of various global communities. Applicants must also show they are capable of engaging students in conversation and getting them interested in various subjects.



Working at IGS

  1. Working Hours: Working hours are weekdays from 8am-5pm with only 25 teaching hours per week

  2. Salary: Initial salary rates start at 2.2 million won a month but are negotiable based on experience. Due to the low cost of living and prepaid housing, typically, teachers are able to save one million won a month.  Pay raises are able to be negotiated at the end of your contract if you choose to stay for another year. 

  3. Vacation: Every teacher gets 12 days for vacation which does not include all the national holidays (around 16 days) Korea has to offer. 

  4. Locations: Yongin City, Suwon 

  5. Health and Financial: Health insurance is covered, pension is matched 50/50

  6. Housing: Every E-2 Visa holder gets a studio apartment 10 minutes walking distance away complete with a washing machine, bed, stovetop, and refrigerator as well as plates and eating utensils. If the teacher has their own apartment.



Hiring Process

  1. Click the apply now button at the bottom of the page. WorknPlay will guide you through the visa application process and help make your move to South Korea as stress-free as possible. 

  2. Next, send us your resume with skype ID. We will then contact you shortly and arrange for a brief interview over Skype. 

  3. If IGS decides to move forward with your application, they will contact you via email for a more in-depth interview before choosing to hire you. 

  4. When IGS offers you a job, you have 5 days to accept. Prepare your bags and get ready to move to a new country. IGS will arrange getting you into Korea and settling you into your new home.





 IGS bases its academic standards on the American curriculum as part of its affiliation with St. Paul American Scholars. Our goal is to help students develop strength and confidence to communicate and understand English. Not only do we teach our students acceptance of other cutlers, but also help them to understand different traditions, histories, and communities.

 IGS is a brand new program that is taught fully in English. We strive for our students to develop their own logical and critical thinking through reading, debate, and discussion. Lessons on learning mutual responsibility through group work and schools events will also be implemented to help them develop life skills.




February 2021 | Kindergarten Homeroom Teacher | 30 Minutes from Gangnam and Short Teaching Hours!

1. Roles and Responsibilities As a kindergarten teacher at IGS, you will be teaching young students basic ESL classes. You will be teaching various lessons in English to students from ages 5 to 7 years old.    You will be responsible for the following:  Plan, prepare, and deliver lessons Prepare teaching materials ahead of time Grade regular homework assignments Prepare and create tests and examinations Track and report students’ performance date and give feedback Teach kindergarten students ages 5-7 speaking, stories, arts and crafts, phonics, reading, listening and writing   2. Candidate Qualifications: We are not currently hiring candidates outside of Korea   E-2 Visa Holders: MUST be a citizen of the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa MUST have a criminal background check with apostille and a copy of your university diploma with apostille READY TO GO    F-series Visa Holders We only accept F-2, F-5, and F-6 visa holders.   3. Visa Sponsorships We sponsor E-2 visas.   4. Working Conditions Working Hours: M-F: 9 AM-6 PM Teaching Hours: 20-25 hours per week                                5-7 45 minute classes per day (No more than 30 classes per week) Students per Class: 8 students max Age Level: 5-7 years old   5. Salary and Benefits Salary: From 2.1~ Million KRW (Negotiable Upon Experience) Insurance and Financial: Insurance and pension will be matched by employer Contract Completion Bonus: Provided upon completion of a one-year contract Vacation: 12 days plus Korean national holidays Housing: Loft officetel or housing allowance provided

Starting date : Feb 5, 2021
KINDY | American Curriculum | 20 Minutes from Gangnam Station

1. Role and Responsibilities:   As a kindergarten teacher at the Institute for Global Scholars, you’ll be teaching students age 4 to 7. Our students learn English through fun games, role-playing, and picture books.   Teach at a school that uses the American curriculum Help design science projects Creative and energetic classrooms   2. Working Conditions: Start Date: August 19, 2020 Location: Suwon Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 7:50 AM - 4:50 PM Age Level: Ages 4-7   3. Salary and Benefits: Salary: 2.1~ Million KRW (depending on experience) Insurance and Financial: Insurance and pension are matched by the employer Contract Completion Bonus: Yes Vacation: 17 Days Housing: provided   4. Candidate Qualifications:  Candidate must already be in South Korea Must be a citizen from: U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa   5. Location: We're located in Suwon, which is right below Seoul, so you can easily get up to Seoul to explore! Housing is provided by Migeum Station, which is only 20 minutes away from Gangnam. In Suwon, you can check out Hwaseong Fortress, Paldalmun Gate, or take a stroll by Gwanggyo Lake Park. There's also a mural village, an old palace, and a Rodeo Street where you can shop and eat.   6. About Us IGS the kindergarten program of St. Paul American Scholars. At IGS, we are committed to providing our students with high-quality education based on the academic standards of the United States and our goal is to help students develop strength and confidence to communicate and understand English. Not only do we teach our students to accept global culture but we also help them understand different traditions, histories, and communities to help them become global leaders. We also strive for our students to develop their own logical and critical thinking through reading, debate, and discussion. Our students also learn mutual responsibility through group work and school events to help them develop life skills.

Starting date : Aug 19, 2020