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Company Name: Special Class
Date Posted : Oct 26, 2021

Job Details

Job TypeFull-time
Job FunctionTeacher
Education LevelBachelor's Degree
Career LevelEntry Level
Specialized RequirementsBA Degree
Starting DateAnyTime
LocationAll Area
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Job Description

If you are interested in our positions, please send your resume and photo.
(preferable MS-Word Version)
We also have a lot of updated positions. If you need other positions, let us know.
We will find other positions for you ASAP.
Some of our staff have worked as teachers so we understand the academy environment and will try our best to help meet your needs.
Required Conditions:Apostilled Bachelor's Degree and FBI Criminal Background Check (valid 6 months)
E2 Visa (Work Visa) is required to work in Korea. 
The academy that hires you has to sponsor you in order to receive it.US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa,or New Zealand.

Refer a friend and if that friend gets hired than you will receive $300

Contact Person: John at kimchienglishE-Mail : Kakao Talk : jobnco

Mobile Phone : When you call internationally press 


Updated Position (UP)


March / 8 Opening / Gangnamgu
Only Female American or Canadian (  8 Openings) / One way ticket Provided
Location: Gangnam-gu In Seoul / Close to Maebong Station Orange Line 3
Class age : Kindy + Elem ( 5 year old -11 year old)
Start Date : 23th of Feb / ~ 1 week traing

Working Days:Mon-Fri
Working hours: 9AM-6 PM  / Salary: 2.1-2.5M
Vacation : 10 Day paid Vacation ( 5 Day in Summer , 5 Day in Winter)
Openings: 8
Housing: Provided or hoursing allowance 0.5M
Benefits: Severance payment,National Pension(50/50) Heath Insurance (50/50)  One way ticket Provided


Gangnamgu ASAP 2.3-2.7M 3 Openings

Location: Gangnamgu In Seoul / Close to Hakdong or Nonhyeon Staion ( Line7)
Working hours : 9AM-6PM
Class age : 3,4,6 years Old
Openings : 3
Salary : 2.3M-2.7M
Start Date : ASAP


3:00-9:00PMDebate Class / Only English or Education Major (Required Condition)
A lots of Branches /
Start Date /ASAP

Location : Daechdiong,Gangnamgu In Seoul

All year round
Type of students: Elem + Mid
Working days: Mon- Fri
Working hours: 3:00-9:00PM or 3:00-9:30PM
Class hours: 50 Min classes
Payment: 2.2M-2.5M
Overtime payment: 20,000 won an hour
Class size: 9
Severance: Yes
Vacation:10 Days
Type of housing: Single Room
Pension, health Insurance and severance pay included
Current No of foreign teachers: 10 teachers
Current No of Korean teachers: 10 Teachers
Preferable English Literature, English Education, English Major
or someone who likes to reading books.
or Literature, Debate, Academic Essay Writing Class experience
or Teaching experience over 1 year (Minimum)
Outgoing and Cooperative



Locaition : Sejongsi  /  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sejong_City

Working hours : 9:15AM-6:15PM

Class age: Kindy - Elem( 5years Old - Elem)

Salary: 2.2M - 2.5M

Start Date :  Nov  /  End of Feb

Openings: 5


Benefits: Severan pay, Pension, Medical Insurance



Only Female Teacher
Location :Susoneg-gu,Daegu In Gyeongbukdo / Central Town
Working hours : 1PM - 9 PM
Teaching hours: 2:30PM-7:30PM  /  45min*6 (Max)
Start Date : 29th of Nov  /  Traing period  16th of Nov -  2 weeks ( by Zoom)
Opening: 2  / Native Teachers: 10 
Airfare : Provided 



Only Female  American or Canadian Teachers
Location: Hakdong, Gangnamgu In Seoul
Working hours: 8:40 AM - 5:40PM
Working Days: Mon-Fri  /   3 times Saturday Class for a year : non-duty allowance
Class age: Kindy + Elem
Start Date : 1st of March
Full benefits : Medical Insurance , Severance Pay , Pension  + Housing
Vacation : 10 days (5 in summer and 5 in winter)
Salary : 2.2 M - 2.6M / Housing : Yes or Housing allowance 0.5M
Openings: 4
Required Conditions:  Teaching experience with Kindy  and Elem or
                                 Education Major
Vacation: 10Days + 5Days annual leave + sick leave / 15 Days






Required Conditions :Female American or Canaian Kyopo who can                                    speak Korean.
                             One year finished contract in korea Or

                             Teaching Certificate from their Country
Start: December 13, 2021
Visa: Can sponsor E2
Work Hours: M-F 1:00-9:00 
Location: Eastern Seoul (near Sangil station-purple line)
(Costco and Starfield Hanam are 8 minutes away by car. IKEA will open across the street in 2022. If you don’t need to be in the center of Seoul and enjoy breathing fresh air, this is a great location!)
Grade: Elementary and Middle School 
Pay: 2.2-2.5 (depending on experience and credentials)
Benefits: Pension, Health, severance, housing 
Vacation: 10 days 
Openings : 2




Location: Dongan-gu In Gyeonggido/ Beomgye or Pyeongcheon Station Line4
Working hours:  10AM-7PM ( Mon,Wed,Fri)
                      10AM-5:30PM (Tues,Thur) 
Class age : Kindy + Elem
Start Date: End of Feb





Required Conditions: Female American /Canadian,UK,Australia/ 1 year teaching experience or Tefl Only
Location : Gangseo-gu In Seoul / Close to Basan Station Line 5
Wokring hours :1:30PM-8:05PM ( Mon,Wed,Fri)
                          1:30PM-9:00PM (Tues,Thur)  / Start Time : 2:40PM
Salay : 2.2M + one-way airfare
Housing: Single Housing
Vacations:8-10 Days based on Schedule
Start Date : 1st of March



Only Female American

Location : Yeoeuido,Yeongdeungpo-gu In Seoul
Working Hours : 8:100 AM - 5:10 PM or 9AM-6PM  

(Lunch Break Time : 1 Hour 
Class age : Kindy + Elem
Salary :  2.7M  ( Over 1-2 Years Kindy Teaching experience)
Paid Vacation: 15 Days
Benefits : Housing or Housing Allowance/ Medical Insurance,Pension,Severance Pay 
Required conditions: Education Major or Kindy Teaching experience
Start Date : 1st of March


Location: Sejoeng-si
Salary :2.1-2.2M
Working hours : 1:30 PM-8:30 PM
Teaching hours: 2:30PM-8:30 PM
Class Level : Kinder~middle
Age :  6 years old - Mid  
Start Date  : 1st of Jan ,2022  



KimchiEnglish Special Positions (SP)


Only Female Teacher
Location: Ogemdong  Songpa-gu In Seoul / Cloes to Bangi Station  Purple Line5
Working hours : 10 AM - 6:30PM
Oepnings : 4 
Class age : Kindy + Elem
Salary :2.1M- Over 3.0M    
One way Ticket   Housing : Yes
Benefits: Severance Pay, Pension, Medical Insurance
Start Date : March


Only Female American or Canadian , UK
Locaition : Pohang ,In Geyongsangnam-do
Wikipedia : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pohang
Working hours : 2:00 PM - 8:10 PM
                Now :3PM-8:10PM(Elem +Mid)
Class age : Kin - Mid   8 years Old- 16 Years Old
Start Date : ASAP
Salary : 2.2M
Housing : Yes
Benefits: Medical Insurance,Severance pay,Pension

 UP14 Shourt Hours

Only American or Canadian
Location: Byeolnae,Namyangju-si, In Gyeonggido
 Salary :2.3M-2.5M
Working hours: 1PM-7:10PM(Mon-Fri)
  Teaching hours: 3PM-7PM
Class age : 6 years old- 13 years old
Start Date : 1st of Dec, 1st of Jan
Benefits:Pension, Medical Insurance, Severance Pay
Required Condition: Over 1year teaching experience


Only Teacher In korea
Location:  Jeju lsland    10min to beautiful Sea  
Working hours : 10:00-6:00PM
Teaching hours: 40*7(3Days) / 40*6(2Days)
Start Date : 8th of Nov
Age: 5years old-10 years old
Required Condition : Teaching experience  with Kids
Class size : Max 10
Housing: Great Housing. If you want apply the position, I can give you pictures of the housing

Location : Wirae In Hanam /Close to Gangdong-gu In Seoul
Working hours ; 8:30 AM - 5PM
Teaching hours : 20 Hours for a week
Class age : Kindy-Elem( 5years old-9years old
Start Date :ASAP
Benefits : Medical Insurance,Severance pay,Pension
Start Date :ASAP
Salary:Over 2.4M

Location: Dongcheon-dong,Suji-gu Youngin, In Geyoggido Close to Dongcheon Station ShinBundang Line
Working hours : 9AM-5PM
Class age : Kindy+Elem  ( 5years Old - Elem)
Start Date : 22th of Nov
Salary : Minimum 2.5M
Benefits:Severan Pay ,Pension ,Medical Insurance, 

Only American or Canadian or UK
Location: Paju In Gyeonggido
Working hours : 2PM-10PM
Air fare: One way tiket
Openings:2 Dec:1 , Jam:1
Housing:Yes by 5min from school

Location : Suseongu ,Daegu In Gyeongsangbuk-do  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daegu  
  Working hours: 1PM-8:30PM
Class age :Elem + Mid
 Start Date:Nov
Benefits: Medical Insurance, Pension,Severance Pay
Only  American,Canadian,UK,Australia

Location: Songpagu In Seoul
Working hours 9AM -6:30 PM(Mon,Tues,Thur,Fri)
9AM -5:30 PM(Wed)
Start Date : 2th of Jan / End of Feb
Class age : Kindy + Elem


E2 or F4 or Korean Full time
Location:Gangdonggu In Seoul
Working hours: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM ( Mon,Wed,Fri)
9:00 AM- 6:45 PM (Tues, Thur)
Class age: 5 years old - Elem
Start Date : 1th of March ,2022
Benefits: Medical insurance, Pension , Severance Pay , Lunch
Salary: 2.3M-2.8M + Housing
 Saturday work/ 3 times for a year an holiay allowances are paid

Only American or Canadian or UK Only
Location:Suwan-dong, Gwangsan-gu,Gwang/ Rich neighborhood, There are  many resturants.Central Town, Many Native teahers lives there
Teaching Level: Kindergarten(5,6,7 year olds) & Elem  Class size: Max 12
Start Dae: March 2022
Working hours: MWF9-6 TTh 9-5
Salary :2.2M-2.5M
Benefits : 1MIL airfare

Location: Gangnam-gu In Seoul,Close to Samsung Stationl
Working hour :8:30AM-5:30PM
Teaching hours: 25hours for a week  
Class age :Kindy+Elem 1 or 2  / 4 year old -
Start Date :ASAP

UP24  2.3-2.8M/ American or Canadian
 Location: Jamwon-dong,Gangnam-gu In Seoul
Working hours : 9 AM - 6 PM
Age : 5-12 year Old
 ASAP/1st of March,2022
Benefits:Pension,Medical Insurance,Severance Pay
Required Condition : English or Education Major

Location:  Yeong-gu,Suwon In Gyeonggido  Mangpo station 
Working hours 9AM -6:00 PM
Start Date :ASAP
Class age : Kindy  (6year Old)

Locations in: Deagu Susunggu
Openings in:  Jan
Working hours : 1:00 – 10:00pm (1 hr break)
Schedule set up: (class starts from 4pm / must be at work by 3pm)
Teaching age : 8-14 years old kids
Average class size : 12 (Curriculum and Syllabus are provided)
Monthly salary : 2.3 - 2.6 Mil won
Housing : Singled furnished housing / housing allowance 500,000 won
Benefits : Inbound flight to Korea (reimbursement), severance payment(one month salary) , health insurance , national pension, 11 days paid vacation(independent days), national holidays off

Location : Mokdong , , Yangcheon-gu in Seoul / Close to Omokkyo                      station Purple line 5
Working hours : 9 AM -   6 PM Lucan Break Time : 12:20-1:20PM /                              Provided Free Lunch
Teaching hours : 104  for a month
Class age : Kindy(5-7 years old) + Elem(Grade1-4)
Salary :  No Teaching experience : 2.2M-2.3M  1 year Teaching                      experience :2.4M  Over 1 year Teaching experience: Negotiable
Start Date : 2nd of March

-Location :Gangnamgu In Seoul  / Only Education Major
- Starting Date : 28 Feb 2022 / Number of opening positions : 3
- Working hours : 09.10-18.10
- Actual teaching hours: total less than 30 hours in a week
- Class time : 40 min x 6 times a day / There are 2~3 class times teaching by Subject teachers 
   or Korean teachers a day.
- Teaching age group : Kindergarten age 5 - Elementary school 5th grade
- Maximum Number of class students in one time : less than 14
- Responsibilities : Homeroom teacher / Salary : 2.5 KRW – 2.80 KRW
- Vacation and sick day : 15 days of paid-holiday/ All national holidays
- Benefits : Visa sponsorship, National pension, Severance payment, Health insurance, Paid vacation, Accommodation provided or Housing allowance, Round-ticket airfare support only teacher goes back to one’s own country.
-Number of foreigner teachers recently : 7  -housing info : by walking 10 minutes.
-couple applicant : Possible to apply, but not preferred.

Central Seoul / Bilingual Teacher
Only Teachers In Korea
Location : Dongdaemun-gu In Seoul
Class age : Kindy ( 5-7 Years old), Elem (Grade1 -Grade4)
Working hours: 1 PM -7:00 PM  ( Teaching + Consulting with parents) 
Salary : 2.2M+Housing or Housing allowance 0.5M
Start Date: ASAP

Only American or Canadian
Daejeon: Chungcheong-do    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daejeon
Working hours:  9 AM - 6:40 PM
Teaching hours: 40min * 46  for a week 
Class age : Kindy + Elem
Benefits: Medical Insurance, Pension, Severance pay
Salary :~ 2.4M ( No experience) , Teaching experience (Negotiable)
Opeings:8    Start Date : End of Feb

Location: Gangnamgu In Seoul 
Working hours : 9AM-6PM
Teaching hours : 5 Hours for a day
Class age: 4-7 years old
Start Date : ASAP
Benefits: Medical Insurance,Pension,Severance pay
Salary :2.3-2.5M



Location: Songdo-dong Yeonsu-gu In Incheon

Working hours : 8:30 - 6 PM

Class age : Kindy+Elem

Salary : 2.3M-2.7M

Start Date:  Mid of Dec


Only Female American or Canadian
Location: Dontan,Hwasung-si In Gyeonggido  Close to Seodongtan or Byeongjeom Station
Working hours:9:30AM-6:30PM
Class age : Kindy + Elem
Start Date : ASAP  /End of March



SP1 : Short Hours

Location : Yongtong-gu,  Suwon In Gyeonggido, Close to Gwanggyo                             Station
Working hours 10AM-3:30PM ( Mon,Wed,Fri)
                          10AM-4:30PM (Tues,Thur)
Class age : 4 years Old - 7 Years Old
Salary : 1.8M-2.0M
Housing: Yes
Start Date : ASAP

SP2:Short Hours
Location : Daegu In Gyeongsangbuk-do
Working hours:2PM-7PM
Salary : 2.2M + Housing
Start Date : 1st of January ,2022
Class age : Elem

SP3 :Central Seoul

Location : Gwanakgu , Seoul silim station Line2
Working hours: 9:10 AM 6:10PM or 10 AM - 7 PM
Teaching hours: 40*39(under) for a week (Under 26 hours for a week,/ Under 5 hours and 20min for a day )
Class size : 10
Housing : Yes 10min from school by walk or housing allowance 0.4M
Salary :2.1M-2.4M
foreign teacher : 7 Korean Teacher: 15
Start Date : Nov

SP4    Only Education or English Major
3:00-9:00PMDebate Class / Only English or Education Major (Required Condition)
A lots of Branches /
Start Date /ASAP
Location : 7th of Feb,  Daechdiong,Gangnamgu In Seoul
                 23th of March  ,Centum, Busan, 
All year round
Type of students: Elem + Mid
Working days: Mon- Fri
Working hours: 3:00-9:00PM or 3:00-9:30PM Class hours: 50 Min classes
Payment: 2.2M-2.5M  Vacation:10 Days
Overtime payment: 20,000 won an hour  Class size: 9
Type of housing: Single Room
Pension, health Insurance and severance pay included
Current No of foreign teachers: 10 teachers
Current No of Korean teachers: 10 Teachers
Preferable English Literature, English Education, English Major
or someone who likes to reading books.
or Literature, Debate, Academic Essay Writing Class experience
or Teaching experience over 1 year (Minimum)  Outgoing and Cooperative


Central Seoul

Location: Yongsan-gu In Seoul 
Working hours : 9-5 PM
Class age : Middle + High school  / International Christian School
Required Condition: Teaching License
Start Date : ASAP
Salary : Negotiable
Vacation : Over 8 Weeks


Only Female Teacher

Location:  Ansan In Gyeonggido, Close to Sangrok-su Station ,Blue lIne4
Working hours : 2:30PM-8:30PM
Class age : Elem
Start Date :ASAP

SP 10   Couple Position

Only American or Canadian Couples

Location: Bucheon In Gyeonggido
Salary:2.4M-2.6M  /  Housing : Yes
Working hours: 9:00~18:40PM
Teaching hours: 6.7 Hours
Class age : Kindy + Elem  ( 5years Old -  12 years Old)
Start Date : 30th of Oct
Benefit:s Medical Insurance, Pension,Severan Pay


SP 11

Location : Bungdang-gu In Gyeonggido

start date: December
pay: 2.5mil and housing provided (or 700,000won housing allowance)
hours: 1pm-9pm
Class age :  Elementary 1st -6th grade
Benefits: Medical Insurance ,Sevrance Pay,Pension
Looking for teachers that like to read books and get excited for students.
Openings: 2

SP 12

Location : Bundang-gu In Geyonggido / Close to Sunae Station 
Salary :2.3M + Housing allowance 0.7M / No housing
Working hours : 2PM-8PM ( Mon,Wed,Fri) 3PM-9 PM
Teaching hours : 20-25 Hours
Start Date : ASAP

SP 13

Bilingual Teacher
Location : Gwangmyeong In Gyeonggido , Close to Cheolsan Station Line 7
Working hours : 12 - 9 PM
Teaching hour:  Max 5hour and 20 Min for a day
Class age: 8 years Old -13 years Old
Start Date : ASAP-Oct (Negotiable)
Salary : 2.5M-3.0M Housing allowance:0.5M Housing:No



Location: Seocho-gu In Seoul / Close to Express Bus Terminal Station Orange Line 3
Working hours : 12 - 8 PM ( Mon,Wed,Fri)
                           12:30 PM - 8:30 PM ( Tues,Thur)
Class age : Elem
Salary : 2.3M + Housing allowance 0.5M  / No Housing
Start Date ASAP


Location : Cheungju In Chungcheongbuk-do

Start Date : Oct

Working Day : Mon-Fri

Working hours:  9:30 AM ~ 17:00 PM

Class age : Kindy, Elem

Vacation: 10 Days

Salary: 2.2M + a / according to experience)

Housing : Single Housing

Benefit : Airfair : Yes   / Severance Pay : Yes   /Health Insurance : Yes / National Pension : Yes





SP 16


Location Busan
Working hours : 2-10PM
Class age : Elem + Mid
Start Date 27th of Dec
Salary : 2.3M - 2.5M





SP 17


Location : Osan In Gyeonggido, Close to Osan Stataion ,Line 1
Working hours :   9  AM - 5 PM
Teaching hours : 10 AM - 4 PM
Class age : 5 years old -  8 years old
Start Date : Mid of Oct







Location: Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu In Seoul
Workhours: 9 AM - 17:30 PM 
Teaching hours : Under 30 Hours
Class age: Kindy(4-7years Old) -Elem ( Under Grade 4 )
Benefits : Pension, Severance pay, Medical Insurace
Start Date : 1st of March






Only Female American or Canadian
Location: Gangnam-gu In Seoul  / Close to Hak-dong Station
Working hours : 9 AM - 6 PM
Teaching age: 4 Years Old - 6 Years Old
Start Date : Next week
Salary : 2.2M-2.5M



SP 20

Location : Mokgam-dong, Siheung-si, Gyeonggido
Working hours: 1 PM - 7PM
Teaching hours: 5 Hours
Class age : Elem
Start Date : 27th of Sep
Salary: 2.2M-2.5






INTERNATIONAL School in Dongtan (near Suwon)
VISA: E2 or F visas (No F4 visas)
Working Hours: 8:30 AM-5:30PM
Teach All subjects taught in grade school  (2nd+3rd grade)
Education Degree REQUIRED
Bachelors or Masters in Education
Hold a Teaching License (Preference) 
Start Date: Beg of December OR EARLER if possible
SUBJECTS: English, Art, History, Geography, Science etc.  
Homeroom Teacher Experience 
SALARY: 2.6m (average) but NEGOTIABLE
AIRFARE : 1 WAY coming to Korea
All benefits included: Housing, Pension, Severance Pay, Health Insurance

UP 22
Location : Suseongu ,Daegu In Gyeongsangbuk-do  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daegu  
  Working hours: 1PM-8:30PM
Class age :Elem + Mid
 Start Date:Nov
Benefits: Medical Insurance, Pension,Severance Pay
Only  American,Canadian,UK,Australia


Only F Visa Type
International School
Location : Gangnamgu In Seoul
Subject : AP Biology(High School Students)
​Salary: 3.0M / Free Lunch / Housing: No/ Housing allowance: No
Vacation: 2month paid Vacation
Working hours : 8AM-4PM
Start Date : ASAP


Christian School   / Only F4 Visa Holder or Korean

Location:  Cheugcheonguk-do
Working hours: 9 AM - 5 PM
Subject : English
Start Date : ASAP
Salary: 2.5M + Housing
Vacation: 6 Weeks


Location: Daechodong, Gangnam-gu In Seoul
Working Days & Hours : Mon,Tues,Thur,Fri, (2PM-10PM)
                                       Sat 10AM-6PM
Subject : Junior Toefl(Reading ,Writhing) , / international school students for Reading,Essay
Class age : Elem + Mid
Start Date :ASAP
Start Date :2.2M-2.6M +0.55( Housing allowance or Housing


Location : Sadang-dong,Dongjak-gu In Seoul
Working hours : 9 AM - 6 PM
Start Date :ASAP
Salary : 2.1-2.4
Class age :  6 years old - 7 Years old


Location : Magok,Gangseo-gu In Seoul
​ Working hours: 9 AM -6:30 PM
Class age : Kindy+ Elem
Salary : 2.2M-2.5M
Start Date : Oct


Working hours: 9:10 AM - 6:10 PM
Location : Seocho-gu-gu In Seoul / Close to Express terminal Station
Class age : Kindy + Elem
Start Date :ASAP
Salary : 2.1M - 2.5M + Housing 
Benefits : Medical Insurance , Pension ,Severance ,
Required Condition: Only Female Teacher

Location : Daegu 

- A minimum of Bachelor's degree in any field (English or Education majors are preferred)
- Excellent English language skills
- One year teaching commitment

* Teaching experience preferred
- 2.3- 2.7 million Won (Korean currency) per month salary
-Free furnished housing
-Health Insurance
-Severance bonus of one-month's salary upon completion of contract
-Overtime pay

-Mon-Fri 5 days a week 2/3pm-9/10pm
-Paid vacation
-Paid round-trip airfare


Only Korean or F4 Position

Bilingual Position 1 (Korean + English)

Starting Date : 2020-ASAP (hiring throughout the year)
Locationcc : Gangnam/Seoul
Working Hours : 2:20-9:40 pm(M-F), 1:20-7:40pm(Sat)
Teaching Hours: 36 hours a week
Teaching Subjects: Listening, Reading, Literature, Debating, Social, Science
Monthly Salary : GYOPO Teachers(Gangnamgu In Seoul ) minimum a month 3.85-5.0m (usually pays over)
Class Size : 5-10
School Type : Private


Bilingual Position 2(Korean + English) / You have to send me your Resume and Cover letters.
Only Bilingual Teacher ( English and Korean)
Location: Gangnamgu In Seoul
Start Date All Around Years
Subject : American Text book / Elem( Novel Dicussion, Debate, Grammar,Writing, Co-Teaching)
Middle( Toefl,Teps,C0-Teaching)
Monday-Fri Elem 2:00-9:00 PM
Middle 3:00- 10 PM

Elem 3:30PM - 9:10 PM (Break Time 6:00-6:40) or 10:00-3:30 (Break Time 12:30PM-1:00PM)
Middle 4:50PM -10:00 PM (Break Time 7:10-7:40) or 10:00 - 3:20PM (Break Time 12:20-1:00)
Salary :About 4.0M / High Payin the industry
How to Apply : Resuem,Cover letter and Photo ( Date of Birth, Start and End Day/Month/Year of Recent School,
Education Record from Elemantary school)

Online Recruiting Position
Salary: Commision 
Recruiting  ESL teachers
Required Condition:Recruiting experience for ESL Teachers

Contact Information

Phone 1: 010 4232 0117

Email: moomoobada00@gmail.com

Special Class

Company Type: Recruiting Company

Business Area: Seoul

Establishment Year: 2009

Employees: 1 - 10

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