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Company Name: Chungdahm Learning (CDI)
Last Modified : May 14, 2021

Job Details

Job TypeFull-time
Job FunctionKindergarten Elementary Middle School ESL
Education LevelBachelor's Degree
Career LevelEntry Level
Specialized RequirementsCandidates must submit their resume, the CDI application form, and a short self-introduction video
SalaryFrom 2.2 Million KRW (depending on experience)
Starting DateAug 2, 2021
EnglishNative Level
LocationAll Area
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Job Description

About Chungdahm Learning (CDI)

As a teacher at Chungdahm, you will follow a set curriculum and lesson plans, but also have the freedom to incorporate your own learning materials to increase student engagement in the classroom. With integrated online learning, Chungdahm offers you a smarter way to teach! Whether it's your first year teaching or you're an experienced teacher, Chungdahm provides you with teacher support and training.


Why Chungdahm

  1. With over 100 branches in Korea, you can choose your desired location and choose the age range you'd like to teach.
  2. Chungdahm has an established curriculum which means you know what to expect and how to prepare.
  3. Chungdahm hires year-round, so you can choose to come in February, May, August, or November!


iGarten: Pre-K to Kindergarten (Working Hours 9-6)



April: Kindergarten to Elementary Grade 6 (Working Hours 1-9)



CDI: Elementary Grade 3 to Middle School (Working Hours 2-10)



Please choose which institute you'd like to work at and follow the link to apply!


1. How to Apply

  1. Submit the attached form (Application Form) with your resume and self-introduction video (see instructions in the attached file)
    • If you are applying from abroad, fill out CDI Applicants Abroad
    • If you are applying within Korea, fill out CDI Applicants in Korea


2. Hiring Process

  1. Submit your CDI Application form, resume, and video
  2. One of TheWorknPlay's TA Recruiters will be in touch
  3. Chungdahm will contact you directly regarding an interview with their team


3. Special Notice

  • Quarantine is fully paid for and you will be coming over to Korea the first or second weekend of whatever month you come over
  • Training: 1 week (5 days) of training for all new teachers takes place the week before your teaching start date

Contact Information

Phone 1: 010-9725-6793


Chungdahm Learning (CDI)

  Founded 1998     Students 45,000+     Teachers 1,500+     Branches 180       About Chungdahm   Chungdahm Learning is a renowned education company who strives to provide the best English education for students from pre-kindergarten up to middle school. Chungdahm has developed in-house curriculum and an integrated online platform for teachers to create and share lesson ideas and media with other branches all over Korea. At Chungdahm, programs are broken up into three levels according to age level; Chungdahm Learning, April Institute, and i-Garten.     Chungdahm Learning April Institute i-Garten   Chungdahm Learning is geared for students in elementary school grade 4 up to high school grade 12 and is based on classroom technology. You'll be teaching project-based classes and use the design thinking methodolgy to teach problem solving. You will also teach reading, writing, speaking and listening using the following book series: Oxford Reading Tree, Oxford Graded Readers, and Oxonian. Chungdahm Learning's working hours are from 2-10 PM.     April Institute is for those in kindergarten to elementary school grade 6 and is based on developing convergence and expression through integrated subjects. You will teach project-based classes and encourage students to be creative through various media projects, including videos and newspaper projects. April Institute's working hours are from 1-9 PM.     i-Garten is for children in pre-k and kindergarten. You will teach students basic English from phonics to short sentence structures using games, songs, and dance. You will guide students through arts and crafts activities and teach them how to interact with virtual worlds, cultures, and characters using integrated augmented reality. i-Garten's working hours are from 9 AM-6 PM.         Who Can Teach at Chungdahm?   1. Do you have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university? 2. Are you a citizen of one of the following countries: U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa? If you answered "YES" to both, then you can become a teacher at Chungdahm!     Choose Your Location and Teaching Level     Locations With over 200 branches in Korea, you can choose your top 3 locations from Seoul to Busan. Korea is so small, you can get from Seoul to Busan in less than 3 hours! You're only a bus ride away from the beach, the city, or the beautiful countryside. Seoul: Seoul is the capital of South Korea and offers everything from traditional architecture to themed cafes, delicious restaurants, and great shopping. Incheon and Gyeonggi-do: Surrounding Seoul, these two surburban provinces draw many Koreans looking for a break from the city. You can easily get up to Seoul or enjoy spending time at local cafes, parks, and other areas. Incheon offers access to beaches and you can check out small islands located in Gyeonggi-do. Gangwon: Located in the northeast of Korea, Gangwon offers great mountain and beach scenery. Try hiking Seorak Mountain or enjoy the surfing town of Yangyang. Sejong: Sejong is a new city in the center of Korea that offers stunning architecture, parks, and museums. This are is also know for its festivals and top spas. Daegu, Ulsan, and Gwangju: Located in the south part of Korea, these three areas offer a bit of city and culture. Daegu has some great lookout points over the city and is known for its azalea festival in spring. Ulsan is home to impressive beaches and clear water on the coast. Gwangju offers temples, hanok villages, wall mural villages, and is known to have cheaper and tastier food than any other province! Busan: As the second largest city of Korea, you won't miss out on beaches, city life, or artsy and eclectic cafes and restaurants. You can also get to Seoul via a bullet train which takes less than 3 hours!   Teaching Levels Do you have a favorite age group to work with? Choose to work with students you connect with the best. You can also choose based on working hours. Chungdahm Learning: Elementary Grade 4 to High School Grade 12 Working Hours: 2-10 PM April Institute: Kindergarten to Elementary Grade 6 Working Hours: 1-9 PM i-Garten: Pre-K to Kindergarten Working Hours: 9 AM-6 PM     What Chungdahm Offers Teachers   1. Competitive Pay Salaries start at 2.2 million KRW and you'll have prepaid housing, so you can save over 1 million KRW a month (around $800 USD)! 2. Health and Financial Benefits Your health insurance and pension will be matched by Chungdahm and your flight ticket will be reimbursed. (Did we mention how great the healthcare is in Korea?!) 3. Vacation You'll have 5 vacation days PLUS all National Korean Holidays off (around 16 in total), so you can travel to your heart's content. 4. Prepaid Housing You will have your own studio apartment that include a washing machine, a fridge, a microwave, a stovetop, and a bed!     A Day in the Life of a Chungdahm Teacher Follow Riley, a real teacher at Chungdahm's April Institute branch in sunny Busan. She teaches kindergarten to elementary students and she enjoys having her mornings free for her own activities.     Application Process   1. Send your application and intro video to 2. We'll get in touch to learn more about your preferences and visa documents. 3. Chungdahm will contact you for a second interview.  4. If you pass the interview, you'll be offered a contract and begin teaching.     Teacher Training   Candidates who pass an interview and are offered a position must attend and pass our 5-day intensive training program to become a certified Chungdahm instructor. You will learn how to navigate our smart-learning platform and meet other Chungdahm teachers. Morning sessions consist of mock lessons and evaluations and the afternoons will include study sessions with your assigned training group and training managers.     Questions Related to Chungdahm?   If you don't see the Q&A you're looking for, please send us an email at and we'll answer all the questions you may have!   Q: How is Chungdahm handling COVID-19? A: Chungdahm will host you in a government-approved hotel for the 14 days of quarantine, with no cost to you. You will be given specific instructions for arrival and quarantine procedures once you have signed a contract.   Q: Do I need a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification to teach at Chungdahm? A: Chungdahm does NOT require any certification or previous teaching experience. Once you arrive in Korea, you will be immersed in their own training program and learn the ins-and-outs of Chungdahm's system.   Q: How do I prepare for an interview with Chungdahm? A: After a preliminary interview with a recruiter, Chungdahm will contact you directly for the second interview. The second interview wil include teaching and reading exercises. You will be given a head's up as to what questions may be asked.   Q: How do I prepare for the correct visa? A: Once you have been offered a contract with Chungdahm, we will help you through the visa documentation stage. Overall, it can take up to several months to get all the documents together, so we suggest that you prepare the following while you're waiting: 1. Bachelor's diploma with an apostille or verification (depending on the country, you may need to have your diploma notarized as well) 2. Nationwide criminal background check (via fingerprints)  

Company Type: Education Institute

Business Area: Language Center

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