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Job TypeFull-time
Job FunctionInstructor
Education LevelBachelor's Degree
Career LevelEntry Level
Starting DateASAP
EnglishNative Level
KoreanBusiness Level
LocationGyeonggi-do > Suwon-si
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Job Description

[JLS] JeongSang Language School ; Suwon & Paju(Un-jeong)


Dear instructors,  

We are currently running three institutes in Suwon and one institute in Paju, and planning to expand our campuses in the nearest future.  


We are looking for qualifying instructors who are eager to work with us.  

If you are interested, kindly email your resume to or call 82)10-3485-4786 for more details.  


At least Bachelor's degress, Fluent Bilingual (Korean and English)  



Procedure: Email your resume to

Contact: 82)10-3485-4786; Crystal  


[Location & Conditions]

1. Location: Gyeonggi-do Suwon City 

2. Working time  

1) Full-time : Monday through Friday 2~10pm   

2) Part-time : Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2~10pm

3. Salary  

1) Full-time : 2.2 ~ 2.6 Million won per month (Decided during the interview)  

2) Part-time : 15,000 won per hour (Decided during the interview)

4. Vacation: Three days  


[Recruitment Procedure]

1. Submission (by email:

2. Phone or Skype Interview

3. On-site Interview (requires demo lesson)

4. Training   





JLS Jeongsang Institute, HR Manager

Phone: 82)10-3485-4786

E-mail :   


Company Type: Education Institute

Establishment Year: 1986

Employees: 51-100



Jeongja-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Jeongja-dong

Contact Information

Phone 1: 010-3485-4786


Contact Person: HR Director

[JLS] Jeong Sang Language School: Suwon/Paju

About Us   We're the red carpet to celebrate our students' growing achievements! We are the No. 1 normal language institute in Korea. Two of our programs, Chess and Ace, are 100% in English and let the students become the main actors of their English presentations. We believe if you build your skills while immersed in English, you can develop a high-quality learning output naturally.       Our Curriculum   Chess is for elementary students. Ace is for middle school students. V-Group is for high school students.    Chess Ace V-Group Chess is an afterschool program for elementary school students from grade 1 to grade 6. All of the classes are taught 100% in English and students learn through offline and online curriculum. Classes are taught by both native English and Korean teachers separately. Through Chess, students practice listening, reading, speaking, and writing through an integrated curriculum based on the language acquisition and development of children. We use a series of textbooks called "Caramel Tree," which was developed by JLS and written by authors of children's books in North America. There are four levels in Chess: IS: Introduction Stage Students learn English basics such as letters, sounds, and phonics. DS: Development Stage Students begin to put words and sentences together. LS: Leaping Stage Students read storybooks and nonfiction books. MS: Master Stage Students express themselves through writing and speaking. Ace is for elementary students from grade 6 to middle school grade 2. In Ace, students focus on preparing for the Korean college exam as well as the CSAT and English immersion programs. Students can take customized courses by grade and level, depending on their skills. We stay updated and informed about all educational policies and we help students prepare their own portfolios and prepare them for performance evaluations at their schools. Through ACE, students strengthen their thinking abilities and develop logical speaking and writing skills through English immersion. We cover a variety of topics in ACE: Assigned Homework: Vocab Listening/Reading CQ Listening/Reading Comprehension Grammar In Class: Vocab/Grammar/Reading Comprehension/Listening Speaking/Writring Discussion/Speech Presentation/Debate Additional: ACE Test Online Test Ace Writing  Korean College Exam Mock Test     V-Group is for middle school grade 3 to high school grade 3. V-Group is an intensive learning program for Preliminary Higher Education - essentially, the CSAT. 1. Students learn about the process and programs to help them improve their English skills. 2. Students and their parents then meet with a school counselor to discuss a plan of action. 3. Students can take specialized courses to write cover letters and prepare for interviews.         Our International Camps   We also offer international camps for students to be immersed in another culture and practice their English with native English students their own age. We hold camps in Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, and Clark. During their time at camp, students get to enjoy a variety of activities, such as baseball games, skiing, and paddle-boating.       Our Teachers   At JLS, we respect our teachers and consider their professionalism an important component of our corporation. We value our teachers and we believe in treating our teachers with honesty and respect. To honor this philosophy, JLS has created policies that provide transparency between us and the teacher. All of our management and staff are courteous, helpful, and professional.       Our Locations   We're have multiple locations all over Korea, in major areas like Seoul, Busan, and Gyeonggi-do. Each of our branches provide English educational programs for elementary and middle school students and at select locations, we also offer math programs.    

Company Type: Education Institute

Business Area: Education, Hagwon, Private Institute, English Institute

Establishment Year: 1986

Employees: 51-100

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