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Company Name: Virtedco
Date Posted : Sep 6, 2019

Job Details

Job TypeFreelancerPart-timeFull-time
Education LevelOthers
Career LevelOthers
Starting DateASAP
EnglishNative Level
LocationAll Area
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Job Description

If qualified & interested in any of the positions below,
please send email at
virtedco@virtedco.com with the following:

1. Recent resume (.doc, .pdf)

-> It should include your teaching experience in detail
e.g. 2018.07 ~ 2019.07 - Virtedco Corp. - Business English (group)

2. Recent photo (.jpg)
3. Date of Birth
4. Visa status in Korea & Citizenship
5. Current location w/area of preference
6. Mobile number w/best time to contact
7. Indicate interested position in subject line (e.g. Place/Days)
  Landline: 070-4077-1279 (Alice)    
  Virtedco Mobile: 010-2737-7740    
  Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
Thank you for your understanding :)
  Gwanggyo (광교) - Business Skills    
  Location Near Suwon World Cup Stadium
수원월드컵경기장 근처
  Class Type Group    
  Level Inter. ~ Upper-Inter.    
  Duration 23 Sep 2019 ~ End of Jan 2020    
  Schedule * Morning: MWF 07:00-08:20 (1.5H)
* Evening: TTh 18:00-19:50 (2H)
  Program Business Skills (Meeting, Nego)    
  Note Visa Type: F2, F5, F6    
  Dongdaemun (동대문) - 1:1 Executive Coaching    
  Location Near Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Stn.
동대문역사문화공원역 근처
  Class Type 1:1 Executive Coaching     
  Level Intermediate    
  Starting Date 16 Sep (Mon)    
  Schedule Mon/Thur 07:20-08:20 AM (1H)    
  Duration Ongoing    
  Program Business Conversation    
  Note Visa Type: F2, F5, F6, F4    
  Dongdaemun (동대문) - 1:1 Executive Coaching    
  Location Near Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Stn.
동대문역사문화공원역 근처
  Class Type Pre-Intermediate    
  Level Pre-Intermediate    
  Starting Date 16 Sep (Mon)    
  Schedule Mon/Wed 07:10-08:10 AM (1H)    
  Duration until 8 Apr 2020    
  Program General + Business Conversation    
  Note Visa Type: F4, KR    
  Anseong (안성) - General Conv.    
  Location *Eng: 474-22, Anseongmatchum-daero,
        Miyang-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
*Kor: 경기도 안성시 미양면 안성맞춤대로 474-22
  Class Type Group    
  Level Basic    
  Starting Date Sep 2019    
  Schedule MWF 18:30-19:30 (1H)    
  Duration 12 weeks    
  Program General Conversation    
  Note Visa Type: F4, KR    
  Anseong (안성) - Business English, Skills    
  Location *Eng: 100, Gongdan-ro, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do
*Kor: 경기도 안성시 공단로 100
  Class Type 1:1 coaching with individual employees (Total 6 ppl)    
  Level Intermediate ~ Advanced    
  Starting Date 4th week of Sep    
TTh or WF 14:00-18:25 (4.5 hrs)
Student 1: 14:00~14:40 (40 min)
Student 2: 14:45~15:25 (40 min)
Student 3: 15:30~16:10 (40 min)
Student 4: 16:15~16:55 (40 min)
Student 5: 17:00~17:40 (40 min)
Student 6: 17:45~18:25 (40 min)

  Duration 12 weeks    
  Program Business Conversation + Skills    
  Note Visa Type: F2, F5, F6    
  Yuseong-gu, Daejeon - 1:1 Tutoring    
  Location Daejeon: Yuseong-gu (Near Daeduk University)
대전: 유성구 (대덕대학교 근처)
  Class Type 1:1 Tutoring    
  Level Inter. ~ Upper-Inter.    
  Duration 23 Sep ~ 20 Dec 2019    
  Schedule Tutoring (AM)
* 08:00-08:50 (Once a Week)
* 07:35-08:00 (Twice a Week)
* 08:00-08:25 (Twice a Week)
* 08:25-08:50 (Twice a Week)

Tutoring (PM)
* 18:10-19:00 (Once a Week)
* 17:10-17:35 (Twice a Week)
* 17:35-18:10 (Twice a Week)
* 18:10-18:35 (Twice a Week)
* 18:35-19:00 (Twice a Week)
* 19:00-19:25 (Twice a Week)
  Program Business, Conversational English    
  Note Visa Type: F2, F5, F6    
  Mungyeong (경북 문경) - Full Time Instructor    
  Location Ban-gok-ri, Sanyang-myeon, Mungyeong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do 경상북도 문경시 산양면 반곡리    
  Class Type Group (FTS: Full-Time Tutoring System)    
  Level Basic ~ Intermediate    
  Starting Date Oct 2019    
  Schedule Monday 09:00-17:00
Tue, Wed, Fri 09:00-15:00
Thur 09:00-16:00
(lunch 12:00-13:00)
(5 days a week, 112 hours per month)
  Duration Ongoing    
  Program General & Business English    
  Note Visa Type: F2, F5, F6    
  Seoul, Gwanggyo, Bundang, Busan, etc.
In-House Language Program (10 languages)
  Location Seoul, Gwanggyo, Bundang, Busan, Gwnagju, etc.
서울, 광교, 분당, 부산, 광주광역시 등
  Class Type Group    
  Level Basic ~ Advanced    
  Starting Date Sep 2019    
  Schedule * Morning: MWF 07:00-08:20 (3 times a week * 1.5H)
* Lunch: MTWTh 12:00-12:50 (4 times a week * 1H)
* Evening: TTh 18:00-19:50 (Twice a week * 2H)
* Weekend: Sat 09:00-12:50 (Once a week * 4H)
  Duration <2018>
* 1st: 2018.02.19 ~ 2018.05.05
* 2nd: 2018.06.18 ~ 2018.09.01
* 3rd: 2018.11.06 ~ 2019.01.24
* 1st: 2019.03.18 ~ 07.17
* 2nd: 2019.09.16 ~ 
  Program * English:
Business Presentation Skills + Public Speaking
* Other languages:
General Conversation + Speaking Test Prep.
e.g.) 新BCT Speaking, SJPT, OPI, etc.

(10 languages: English, Chinese, Japanese,
Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian,
Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian)
  Note Visa Type: F2, F5, F6, F4, KR    

Contact Information

Phone 1: 070-4077-1279

Phone 2: 010-2737-7740

Email: virtedco@virtedco.com

Contact Person: Alice


Virtedco is one of the fastest-growing and most recognized private institutions and B2B companies in Korea. Virtedco is well known for providing the most current, relevant and practical English education and business training to adults in Korea. We are always searching for qualified full-time & part-time instructors, so please don’t hesitate to contact us with your updated resume including photo, contact number, and visa status for our current open or future positions.

Company Type: Recruiting Company

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