Private Tutor Wanted, 8 Weeks Paid Vacation, High Salary

Company Name: MICA International Scholars
Date Posted : Jul 30, 2019

Job Details

Job TypeFull-time
Job FunctionPrivate Tutor;One on One;English;Social Studies;American Curriculum;Parent Consulting;
Education LevelBachelor's Degree
Career LevelEntry Level
Specialized RequirementsLearning Support, One-on-One Support
Starting DateAug 12, 2019
DeadlineAug 9, 2019
EnglishNative Level
LocationGyeonggi-do > Yongin-si
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Job Description

Welcome to MICA, which stands for Mastery, Integrity, Creativity and Academy. We are an International School offering our classes in English, targeting students at a young age to grow as bilingual, globally talented individuals in the future. We follow an American curriculum and follow a balanced arts curriculum, not just focusing on teaching English, but also Science, Sociology, and Mathematics. 


We have up to 20 teachers (Both Native & Gyopo) in our school, and have less than 100 students enrolled. Rather than many, we focus on each individual student's excellence and growth.


* We are hiring an instructor / personal tutor who will be in charge of private tutoring and learning support for a middle-years student.


  • You will provide her assistance with understanding class materials and lectures, and communicate with her parents about progress, homework, and overall day status




* Candidate Requirements * (Please Read Carefully)


  • Minimum of Bachelor's degree from an accredited University
  • * F6 / F2 Visa Native English Foreigner OR F4 Visa Gyopo (Overseas Korean)
    • Prefer someone with a teaching certificate
    • Prefer someone with teaching experience in the US, or in an international school in Korea
  • * Must have an all-rounded understanding of the American Curriculum in subjects of English, Social Studies, Arts, Music and Physical Education, and must be able to teach above subjects as well
    • Teaching Level: Middle-Years / High-School Curriculum
  • Someone who is patient, loving and caring as you will be in charge of a student and will need to communicate with her parents daily
  • Must be able to start work on August 12th (Monday)




Working Conditions


  • Working Hours (You will attend classes with the student)
    • Monday ~ Friday - 07:40 am ~ 4:40 pm
  • Starting Date: August 12th (Monday)
  • Holidays/Vacation:
    • Spring Break - 1 Week, Summer + Winter Break - 3 Weeks, Including National Holidays
    • Roughly 8 weeks total
  • Lunch provided in-school
  • Commuting bus provided departing from Migeum Station (Bundang Line)
  • Housing provided: Within Migeum Station (Bundang)
    • OR Housing Allowance (Up to 500,000 KRW)
  • Round-trip flight ticket provided (if you currently live overseas)
  • Other conditions negotiable


Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea Suji-gu

경기 용인시 수지구 고기공원로 30-17

Our school and neighborhood is surrounded by the Gogi-ri reservoir, Cheong-gye Mountain, Bara Mountain and Baekwoon Mountain. Nearby houses are suburbs, and thus, is a quiet and peaceful neighborhood with a scenery of nature.

In addition, your provided housing will be situated near Migeum Station, as MICA provides a commuting shuttle bus service for instructors, departing from Migeum Station (Bundang Line) to the school.

Although our address is distantly remote, it is in fact only a 20 minute distance from Seoul. It is easily accessible by the Seoul Subway and the City Bus, allowing for easy commuting or travelling in and out of the city

Contact Information

Phone 1: +82-2-568-7289


MICA International Scholars

Director's Message As an international Christian school, we base our curriculum on the standards of the U.S. educational system taught from a biblical perspective. We encourage students from a young age to grow into bilingual, globally talented individuals through a well-rounded and balanced education. We also believe that students should be pursue their own interests and God-given talents to reach their full potential. Ms. Sooyoun Kim MICA director      What We Strive For At MICA, we want each student to be proud of his or her education and accomplishments. Therefore, we built a modern, student-centered facility that provides a safe environment that allows our students to create and explore. As an international school, we implement a U.S.-based curriculum along with other proven programs that not only make learning fun and exciting but also strengthen reflection and retention. Students are assessed in a variety of ways which are then used together to develop a course for success. Through these assessments, teachers are able to find the potential of our students and help them grow to be global leaders. Our Christian Centered Philosophy is dependent upon parental support to help our students become role models to their peers and reflect their mentors.     Academic Curriculum   Our curriculum is based primarily on the standards of the U.S. educational system and include the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Advanced Placement courses from the College Board. Taught from a biblical worldview, courses are designed to challenge students academically and to help them think critically and creatively. The goal at MICA is to prepare all students academically, socially, and emotionally to enter post-secondary education in the finest universities in Korea, the USA, and worldwide. We also offer a variety or after-school activities for students to continue to develop their skills and talents.    Elementary School Our elementary school curriculum is based on the US Common Core States Standards, which is a set of high-quality standards in mathematics and English Language Arts and Literature. For literary instruction, we use Lucy Calkin's "Readers and Writers Workshop" which helps students gain confidence and skills in reading and writing.    Middle School Our middle school students develop knowledge and research skills based on their own personal interests through the US Common Core State Standards. Transitioning from elementary to middle school, students are supported by professional educators and staff who tailor the curriculum based on their interests, academic skills, and standardized assessments.    High School   Based on the US Common Core State Standards, MICA strives to improve high school student learning using current teaching methods based on current educational research.   We offer a diverse curriculum that allows students to individualize their own courses of studies and meet their objectives, needs, and interests. Morever, we seek to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed at top universities worldwide.  

Company Type: Education Institute

Business Area: International School

Establishment Year: 2013

Employees: 11 - 50

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