Canada Beavers Language School

We are Canada Beavers Language School a Canadian owned school.


★★ A Canadian School is Looking for family members

★ Looking for a new family member - We are Canada Beavers Language School a Canadian established school near Namhansanseong stn. Subway Line#8   - We are quite different from any other Korean English schools.   - A Canadian educator who used to be a principal in Canada established this Hogwon.   - After many years of teaching experience here in Korea, the principal and   staff members have been trying to establish the caring and friendly   atmosphere for teachers.   (most of our teachers have been working here for more than 3~9 years)   - We are looking for new family members who love kids and have a pleasant    and caring personality.   - We do want to treat you as an important part of our growing family.   < School info>   * School name : Canada Beavers Language School     * Location : Namhansanseong STN, Sub Line #8     (Between Jamsil and Bundang / 20 Min far from Jamsil Lotte World)     * Working hour : 11:00~1:30 / 2:30~7:50     * Teaching Level : Kinder ~ Elementary (1 middle school class)     * Salary : 2.8 (working hour and salary negotiable)      * Housing with 2 bedrooms + 1 living room (furnished / no sharing)      * Please feel free to call or email us, any time to arrange for an interview.      Kwang (010-5579-0093) /      * You can take a look at our family photo at      If you feel like talking to anyone of the teachers, we can arrange that as well.          Thank you for your time.

Starting date : Any Time