CL Education Center

CL Education Center

1. Location: Changwon, GN, South Korea

2. School :

- Students: K~Elementary

- Teachers: 30 teachers including 4 foreign teachers.

- 3 acres size, grass playground, ponds, beautiful circumstances. (Biggest in the area)

- cafeteria: free meals providing to all staff

- beautiful, stable, reliable academy

3. General Work Conditions

- 1 year contract, Salary 3.0 million KRW per month

- Working Hour: 8am ~ 5pm

- National Pension, Medical Insurance, Severance Payment

- Airline Tickets to and from.

- Vacation: 10 paid vacation days including company designated vacation.

(school calendar has many vacations which is great for the teacher)

- Homepage:,

- Details will be shared upon interview


ESL Teacher Wanted

CL Education Center - Working Conditions for Foreigner Teachers 1. Location : Dongjinro 21boen-gil, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyungnam, South Korea (Costal City , Quiet, beautiful city near Busan)   2. School 1) students: pre-school ~ elementary school 2) teachers: currently 5 native teachers, 30 Korean teachers (including 10 Korean English teachers) 3) 3 acres size, grass playgrounds, beautiful ponds, big classrooms 4) cafeteria: free meals to be provided for all staff   3. General working conditions 1) Period of contract: 1 year 2) Wages: 2.1 million Korean Won (negotiable) 3) Teaching hours: 120 hours per month, 6~8 hours a day 4) Overtime pay: 20,000 KW per actual teaching hour over 120 teaching hours 5) Type of students: Kindergarten in the morning and Elementary students in the afternoon. 6) Working Hour :10:00~7:00, differs to the days of a week (Finish time: 5:40~7:20) 7) Medical Insurance, National Pension (50% paid by employer) 8) Airfare: a free round trip ticket for the teacher in his/her departure. 9) Housing: Single. A furnished single apartment within 5~10 minutes walking distance from the school, air-conditioning, TV & VTR, Bed, Cooking utensils, etc. 10) Severance pay: 1 month salary after completion of 1 year contract 11) Vacation: 10 days a year including company designated vacation days, plus 11-15 Korean national holidays spread throughout a year 12) Others : Visit homepage: or for better view of school   4. Qualification - Be a CANADIAN, AMERICAN citizen (With a valid passport), - Requirement : Experience not necessary.. - Need to have desire to teach and to get along with children. - Cooperative & flexible attitude with other teachers. - TESOL or TEFL Certificate is preferred   5. Contact - Contact Youngme Song with recent photo pictures and resume * e-mail: * Phone: 82-55-544-4201~4 * Fax : 82-55-544-4200 (in Korea 055-544-4201~4) * Cell phone : 010-7294-4909   ** One of our active teachers will be assigned to provide further information after general terms are agreed and to give train apart from the orientation given by the school.       경남 진해시 이동 3-5번지 I 전화 : 055-544-4201~4 I 팩스 : 055-544-4200 I

Starting date : ASAP