About Us
We are a leading company specialized in multi-language localization. We provide outstanding language service for global business companies and operate global business based on a wide range of knowhow and IT accumulated through language service.

Business Area
Multi-language translation service for companies seeking to broaden their horizon to establish multilingual global business enterprise.
Development of a TM project management system (ATMS) and an independent translation support solution (CAT TOOL) for translation quality control
Development of in-house global business project
Development of web and mobile(app/web) B2B solution

★Company Culture
Having the characteristic DNA of a venture enterprise, we never cease to improve and develop ways of providing new values and services, thereby continuously pushing our boundaries to create a better future. Moreover, we aspire towards creating a culture in which cooperation and consideration are cherished within a liberally but properly respected hierarchy.

★The People We Are Looking For:

We are looking for individuals who are able, adventurous, good-natured and sociable, and who are capable of showing consideration and understanding towards others. We hope to be working with someone who has patience, endurance, perseverance, passion, creativity, and an ability to adapt quickly to fast changing situations. If you consider yourself a capable candidate and are willing to join the dynamic and energetic atmosphere at Applencompany and help us carve out a brighter future in this global era, please do not hesitate to apply.