테디베어 뮤지엄


First opened in Jeju Island in 2008, Teseum is a museum dedicated entirely to adorable teddy bears. After becoming one of the top 10 tourist destinations in all of Jeju Island, Teseum opened up a second museum, located conveniently near the major shopping district of Dongdaemun in Seoul. All types of teddy bears and other stuffed animals are set up to recreate both historical scenes and scenes from everyday life across six different sections. You can find teddy bears wearing hanbok in a traditional Korean village and a diorama of Gyeongbokgung Palace with teddy bears, as well as a bakery, farm, and concert filled with all types of cute teddy bears. Teddy bears of all sizes are on display, from life-sized to miniature, and visitors can learn about the history of teddy bears and even touch and hold some of them. Teseum is a great place to relax, forget about your worries, and reconnect with old childhood memories.



What to Expect

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Operating Hours & Admission Fee


 Operating Hours Price   ‌Length of Tour 
 Open Year-Round
09:30 ~ 19:00
(Last Admission 18:15)

Adult (19~64)  ₩18,000
Youth (5~18)   ₩15,000 

Senior (65 or over)₩15,000 

 Approxi. 90 minuties 

 * This exhibition is for all ages and each visitor must present 1 ticket.      
  * The exhibition is permanent and the tickets are sold by season. Tickets are invalid after the designated period of use.
  * Tickets purchased in advance cannot be cancelled/refunded/changed after the cancellation deadline.
  * Children under 60months of age may enter free of charge.
  * Once the ticket is issued, it cannot be reissued even when it is lost. Those who are without tickets are not allowed


     to tour in the museum. Please keep the tickets carefully.




Company NameTeseum (테디베어 뮤지엄)
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