Seoul Kimchi Academy - Kimchi Making & Hanbok Experience

Seoul Kimchi Academy

서울 김치 아카데미

All-in-One Kimchi Making / Tteokbokki Making / Hanbok Experience at 
Seoul Kimchi Academy


Seoul Kimchi Academy offers Kimchi Making Experiences to spread Korean cuisine and culture to the rest of the world.


In addition, other programs such as Tteokbokki Making and Hanbok Experiences have been added to our offer to enhance the visitors' first-hand experience of the culture.


Come by to have an all-in-one experience of trying out hanbok, making and packaging your own handmade kimchi, and making and trying out Tteokbokki! It will be an unforgettable and unique opportunity to taste Korean culture.



Hanbok is Korea's representative traditional clothing, having originated from the periods of Joseon. The simple fabric and texture allows for an intricate designs and intriguing colors.


Hanbok is worn especially during Korean national holidays such as Chuseok (Thanksgiving) and Seollnal (New Years) as it is one way to show respect to our ancestors.

Kimchi is Korea's representative side dish, featuring cabbage, radish, cucumber type kimchis. You will always find Kimchi of any kind, in any restaurants! Kimchi is also gaining popularity throughout the world due to the popularity of K-Pop, K-Drama and the K-Wave. 

Tteokbokki is one of Korea's representative street food, featuring rice cakes coated in spicy sauce. One of the best experience is having one of these while touring around traditional markets, by sitting on small stools right infront of the street vendor.


Company NameSeoul Kimchi Academy (서울 김치 아카데미)
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