Seoul Battleship Park

Seoul Battleship Park


The Han River, which has served as the main waterway of Korea since ancient times, was the center of the Three Kingdoms’ Battles, and is at the heart of the history of Korean civilization. In particular, the Mangwon riverside near the Park was a historical place during the Chosun period where the king visited to observe the training of the navy.


Seoul Battleship Park, the first shipbuilding theme park in Seoul, established through a partnership with the city of Seoul, exhibits three retired Korean navy vessels including Frigates Seoul and Chamsuri and a Submarine. The three warships are preserved in their original shape and provide an extraordinary and unusual space for exhibitions and experiences, offering visitors a very special outing with new things to see and enjoy. The three warships that guarded the Republic of Korea are now anchored here on the Han River as a resting place for citizens to visit.



Seoul Battleship (FFK-952)

Built in 1984, the Seoul Battleship is a 1900 ton, 102 m long and 11.3 m wide frigate that protected Korea's territorial sea for 30 years. On the first floor are the living quarters, on the second to fourth floor the work area, and at the front and deck of the ship, visitors can enjoy the beautiful sunset on the Han River and a unique photo zone.


Chamsuri (PKM-285)

Chamsuri is a 37 m long, 6.6 m wide killer type ship with a displacement of 130 tonnes. As an inshore patrol ship, Chamsuri took part in the 1st and 2nd Battle of Yeonpyeong. Visitors can take a look at the workspace inside the ship, as well as an exhibition of miniatures of Korea's best battleships, and learn about national security through videos about the Korean Navy, which are projected on big screens.


Submarine (SSM-053)

The SSM-053 is a 25 m long, 2.1 m wide, 190 ton Dolgorae-class submarine that carried out special operations from 1991-2016. For easier viewing, the right side of the submarine has been cut open and videos of the deep sea have been installed on the walls to give the impression of being underwater.



Information Center

1st Floor

Check out the construction process of Seoul Battleship Park on a widescreen monitor and learn about the history of the Korean Navy and the park.


2nd Floor

Starting from the source of the Han River, Geomnyongso Pond, you can follow the course of Korean history and take a look at what the future holds for the Han River.


3rd Floor

From the observatory on the roof, you can see the most beautiful sunsets on the river and take in the awesome view of the Seoul Battleship.



Children (6-12): 1,000 won, Adolescents (13-18): 2,000 won, Adults (19 or above): 3,000 won, Discover Seoul Pass Holders: Free


Address: 407, Maponaru-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Tel: 02-332-7500

Hours: March - October: Weekdays 10:00 - 19:00, Weekends 10:00 - 20:00

November - February: Weekdays 10:00 - 17:00, Weekends 10:00 - 18:00

Closed Days: Mondays, New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year, Korean Thanksgiving




Company NameSeoul Battleship Park (서울함공원)
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Maponaru-gil, Mangwon 1(il)-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea Seoul Battleship Park

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