Mini-Capital Utopia, Built from Scratch

Sejong-si, officially titled as Sejon Special Autonomous City, is the only special autonomous city in Korea. Sejong City was officially launched in 2012, with the name originating from King Sejong the Great. It borders both North and South Chungcheong Provinces, with Daejeon in the South. It was founded with the purpose of easing congestion and concentration in the current capital city Seoul. Since 2012, the government did relocate most of its facilities to Sejong, but many still reside with in Seoul (especially the important government bodies such as the National Assembly)


Sejong is perceived as a quiet city, with a population of only 280,000 people. It is only a 40 minute distance from Seoul by the train, but many people consider it remote and distant. One interesting fact is that Sejong has a higher population proportion of children, than other cities.



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Special Evening Admission to Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Do you want to experience Gyeongbokgung Palace, one of the landmarks in Seoul in a new way?  Gyeongbokgung Palace launched a special evening admission event starting from April 29. Walking under the moonlight, visitors will be able to immerse themselves into Korean history by feeling the serenity only at the nighttime. This event is not only popular for foreigners but also on the to-do-list among local Koreans every summer!    Event Period & Opening Hours    Period: Every 3rd and 4th weeks from April 29 to November 3, Close on every Tuesday Last entry: 1 hour before closing April 29 - May 6 (Royal Culture Festival) (19:00-21:30) May 20 - June 2 (19:00-21:30) June 17 - 30 (19:30-22:00) July 22 - August 4 (19:30-22:00) September 16 - 29 (19:00-21:30) October 21 - November 3 (19:00-21:30)   Ticketing    Where to buy: Foreigners can buy on-site (limited up to 500 visitors per day, first come first serve, up to 4 tickets per person) Fee: 3000 Won *Bring your passport to show your foreigner identity*   * Free entry if you wear hanbok through online reservation in below sites (each site has 250 quotas for free entry ) - Even applicable for foreigners 1. Auction Ticket  2. Interpark Ticket   Weather condition  The night event will continue even if it rains. Please bring your own umbrella.    Check out some nearby hanbok rental shops such as Hanbok-nam or 3355 Hanbok, if you wish to rent Hanbok nearby Gyeongbokgung Palace    

Apr 29, 2019 ~ Nov 3, 2019