Representative Island of South Korea

Jeju-do, or Jeju Island is a separate, remote island and has its own province, the Jeju Province. It is surrounded by water, and is accessible from the mainland by boat or by flight, as Jeju has its own airport and ports. It contains the natural World Heritage Site, the Hallasan, which is a volcano, and is the highest mountain in Korea. Along with Hallasan are Lava Tubes, which were formed from the volcanic activities. 


Jeju Island is extremely popular among tourists both local and foreign. It has up to 15 Million visitors daily while the population itself is merely 600,000. While the surrounding beaches are always a wonderful scenery, Jeju has some interesting attractions and scenery such as the famous 'grandfather stones (돌하르방)'. There is even a myth behind the stone that if a woman with fertility problems rubs the stone's nose, then her problems will immediately be solved. Other attractions include Jeju City, Love Land (an attraction dedicated to sex) and a Teddy Bear Museum.

Jeju Island also boasts a delicate and delicious cuisine ranging from seafood such as sashimi and seaweed, the famous black pig samgyupsal, and tangerine fruits. You can also visit O'sulloc's Tea Museum and the nearby beautiful green tea field for the scenery.


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