Home to Korea's Foodie Capital

Jeollabuk-do, or the North Jeolla Province, Jeonbuk in short, is located above Jeollanam-do and is known to play an important role in the country's agricultural production such as rice. Jeollabuk-do is also home to the famous capital Jeonju City, along with other notable cities such as Jeongeup, Iksan and Imsil.


Jeonju, in the Jeonbuk province is one of the most famous cities and districts for food and food enthusiasts who like to go for 'muk-bang (food tour)'. While it is famous for its bibimbap, it is also famous for its rice wine, makgeolli, and the snack choco-pie (Jeonju's choco-pie is incomparable to the packaged commercial versions made by the food corporations). Millions of visitors also like to visit Jeonju's Hanok Village, which is the biggest area containing traditional Korean housing.


Jeollabuk-do is a rather quiet province, and one can visit the beaches in Gunsan to enjoy a peaceful stroll along the beach, rather than the crowded Eastern beaches.


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