The Province of Islands

Jeollanam-do, or the Southern Jeolla Province, Jeonnam in short, is the least populous district in mainland Korea, excluding Jeju Island. The capital city of the province, Yeosu houses only up to 300,000 people. Along the beaches of the province lies several islands which are both isolated, and inhabited. 

Yeosu was famous for hosting the International Yeosu Expo back in 2012, and the night-beach of Yeosu has always been a popular, romantic destination for couples. Other notable cities include Boseong, for its Green Tea plantations and farms. Finally, Goheung City was famous for being the launch destination for the Naro-ho Space Rocket, the first ever Satellite Rocket fired by Korea into Space.


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Seasonal Event: Tulip Festival


Seasonal Event: Tulip Festival (Mar 16 ~ Apr 28) Check out the daily seasonal events by Everland and make sure to check out the new attractions and events below for a once in a lifetime experience.   Seasonal Attractions Seasonal Events Four Seasons Garden: (Mar 16 ~ Apr 28) Walk along the newly themed Tulip Garden featuring artworks and styles from the famous Dutch abstract artist Mondriaan Mondriaan's Illiusion: (Mar 16 ~ June 16), 11 am ~ 6 pm Explore the newly built art studio featuring live artworks from abstract artist Mondriaan, with collaboration works by media artist Park Jae Sung Brick+Querencia Zone: (Mar 16 ~ June 16), 12 pm - 6 pm If you love legos, then this new attraction is just for you. This attraction is recommended for children to build their imaginations and creativity through active brick building Hello Holland! (Every Saturday in April only) In collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, check out weekly unique events such as "wear Netherland's traditional dress, tulip class and king's day event" Fairy in Art: (Mar 16th - 27th) Watch the tulips come to life at the Four Seasons Garden! Feel free to take photos, and be amazed and the colorful living artwork of tulips and Mondriaan Carnival Fantasy Parade (Day) - Moonlight Parade (Night) (Mar 29th Onwards) Finally, make sure to check out the daily carnival fantasy parade which you can only see during Spring. There are parades during day and night!    

Apr 1, 2019 ~ Apr 28, 2019