Jongno-gu: cyberpunk and tradition

Main sights: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, Gwanghwamun Square. Cheonggyecheon Stream, Insadong Street, Bukchon Traditional Village

Jongno is the central district of Seoul, connecting monumental Gwanghwamun Square with bustling Dongdaemun shopping area. Jongno is one of the oldest city routes, strung with historical and cultural landmarks and towering business high-rises. Literally meaning “The Bell Road”, it is home to the Bosingak belfry – the main bell of the old Seoul, announcing alarms and regulating the opening/closing of the city gates. Nowadays Bosingak Bell rings only once per year – to announce the coming of the New Year.

Many national treasures are scattered around the district, creating one of the most unique cyberpunk landscapes of Korea: royal shrines, temples, palaces, and gates are intertwined with the 70s-80s style industrial zones, neon-lit narrow alleys, shady establishments and glassy skyscrapers.

Constructed in 2005 as part of Seoul’s urban redevelopment plan, Cheonggyecheon Stream runs through the whole Jongno district and further beyond, towards the Han River. It is a chill and relaxing walk, with modern art and notes of city’s history decorating the walls. Koreans love to spend lazy summer afternoons and warm romantic evenings eating, chatting and drinking coffee from the nearby cafes while sitting on many of the stream’s stairs. At its beginning at Cheonggye Plaza, the stream hosts major annual festivals and art installations, including the spring Lotus Lantern Festival and autumn Lights Festival.


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World DJ Festival 2019

BEPCTangent Creative

  World DJ Festival 2019   Date: 06.01 ~ 06.02 (Sat ~ Sun) Time: 1 pm ~ 11 pm (Entrance: 1 pm ~ 10 pm (Ticket Booth ends at 10 pm)) Location: Seoul Land   World DJ Festival is back this year, with a complete new location at Seoul Land in Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi-do. This is a complete change, compared to previous locations where it was held in Jamsil. Not only will visitors be able to enjoy the festival, but they will be able to enjoy the entire festivities and attractions of Seoul Land itself (if you have purchased the ticket option including rides)   Don't miss out on key artists such as Odesza (Saturday) and Above & Beyond (Sunday), and key performances such as the WDF Signature Show (Saturday) and the annual hardstyle featuring Q-Dance (Sunday) along with the grand finale at the end. Check the full time table for the festival below:           Finally, check the official guide map, and the overall map of Seoul Land below:         ---   * Make sure to bring your ID, or passport which can verify that your are an adult. For those who are going both days, make sure you do not damage or remove your entrance wrist band!   For those who still have not yet reserved tickets, WDF will sell on-site tickets:  1 Day-SAT: ₩ 99,000 (500 Limited Quantities) 1 Day-SUN: ₩ 69,000 2 Days - ₩ 139,000   So if you are still interested, make sure to arrive before the start of the festival to buy your tickets!

Jun 1, 2019 ~ Jun 2, 2019

Seasonal Event: Spring Festival

Lotte World Adventure

Seasonal Event: Spring Festival (Mar 9 ~ Jun 23) Check out the newly Spring themed Lotte World, featuring cherry blossoms, fantasy parades and 90's themed photozones and costume rentals Seasonal Attractions Seasonal Events   Lotte World Adventure 1F Lotte World Adventure has been transformed to a park full of cherry blossoms! Immerse yourself with the beauty of pink and white cherry blossoms and enjoy Lotte World's attractions Photo-Shoot Studio Adventure, Amazing Art Studio 4F Another theme for the Lotte World Spring Festival is "Back to the 90s", featuring 90's style Korean fashion, buildings and attractions. Don't miss out to take photos with your friends or lover in this studio Pixie Magic Salon Costume Rental Store Adventure, Pixie Magic B1 A Korean tradition when coming to Lotte World is wearing similar looking school uniforms. In this store, you will get to experience the fashion of the 90's. Women will also be able to get make-up and styling service!     Fantasy Mask Parade  Everyday, Adventure Parade Course 1F Hundreds of actors and actresses will appear wearing various character, flower and fantasy masks! Mysterious Mask Wonderland 3:30 pm / 6:30 pm, Adventure Garden Stage 1F Themed from Wizard of Oz, and featuring characters from your favorite fairy tales (such as Pinochio), watch this amazing performance and dance Fun Fun Elise 5:30 pm, Adventure Parade Course 1F Themed from Alice in Wonderland and the mysterious friends, enjoy watching your favorite fairy tale come to life and appear right infront of you  

Mar 9, 2019 ~ Jun 23, 2019