The Foreign District of Seoul

Main sights: Itaewon, Gyeongnidan Road, Hannam-dong, War Memorial of Korea, National Museum of Korea

Located near the American Army Base in the foot of Namsan Mountain, Itaewon neighborhood has been historically known as “foreigner’s district”. Even though the area has undergone major changes in the recent years and the name does not necessarily hold true anymore, it still continues to symbolize the foreign community of Seoul. With recent gentrification, Itaewon has developed into a cultural mecca popular with foreigners, trendy locals and Korean celebrities alike. It is a favorite district in Seoul to sample international cuisine, shop for everything from designer clothes to antiques and to experience the city’s vibrant nightlife.

Itaewon has branched out to encompass several adjacent quiet neighborhoods: Gyeongnidan, Haebangchon and Hannam. In contrast to the noisy main streets of Itaewon, those areas attract more hip crowds with their rare pop-up stores, groovy bars, cozy restaurants and stylish “hot spots”. Narrow streets wind up and down the steep hills around Itaewon station, hiding terraced restaurants and roof top cafes that offer gorgeous views on the city and river below.

On the other side of the army base lies a more business-like district of Yongsan-dong, famous for its huge electronics market, train station, and big national museums.


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