Seoul's Major Residential Area

Main Sights: Hyperion Towers, Mokdong Sports Complex, Anyangcheon Stream

One of Seoul's more affluent districts, Yangcheon-gu is situated just east of Gimpo International Airport, with Hongdae a short bus ride away on the other side of the Han River. It's primarily a residential area, home to one of the world's tallest residential buildings, the Hyperion Towers, which stand at a grand 69 stories, making it the second-tallest building in the city. There's also plenty of shopping in the area, with a Hyundai Department Store located at the bottom of Hyperion Towers and major marts located across the district. 


The Anyangcheon Stream flows along the eastern border of the district, providing the area with valuable green space that's a cool respite during the summer. Yangcheon-gu is also home to the Mokdong Sports Complex, which features a 20,000-seat athletics stadium, a 15,000-seat baseball stadium, and Seoul's main ice hockey rink, which is open for public use. It was home to the Nexen Heroes professional baseball team before they moved to the nearby Gocheok Dome. The Mokdong neighborhood in Yangcheon-gu is also famous amongst foreigners thanks to the main Seoul Immigration Office, located just a short walk away from Omokgyo Station on Line 5. 


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