The Land of Lotte

Main sights: Lotte World, Lotte Tower, Olympic Park

Located on the south bank of the Han River, Jamsil is a fastly developing residential and shopping district most famous for its Lotte complex: Lotte World Theme Park, Lotte Shopping Mall and tallest in Korea Lotte Tower. The history of large-scale construction in Jamsil started in the 1980s, when the needs of urban development for Asian Games and Olympic Games demanded rerouting of several rivers and expansion of land in the area. Nowadays Jamsil is a combination of quiet residential blocks, huge sports complexes, parks and Lotte Empire.

Spacious Olympic Park is a popular place for dates, leisurely walks, k-pop concerts and art exhibitions. Connected by a wide Olympic-ro to the Lotte complex and Seoul Sports Complex, it shows a fascinating history of Korean Olympics and their long-lasting influence on urban infrastructure.

With the construction of the gigantic Lotte World Tower and Lotte Shopping Mall, a quieter part of the district has been overshadowed. Beautiful Seokchon Lake - what is left of the rivers surrounding Jamsil – offers a serene natural space for walks, music, and cherry blossom contemplation. The lake also hosts and artificial magical island - the outside part of the Lotte World theme park.   


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