Main sights: Seoul Forest, Seongsu, Eungbongsan Mountain

The Brooklyn of Seoul, Seongsu is a combination of Korea’s most upscale high-rise apartments and industrial quarters with shoe factories, car repair garages and printing houses. Starting from 2014, when social venture corporations, social enterprises, and young designers started settling here, the neighborhood has taken on a new vibe. The Seongsu-dong that is often mentioned by foodies and fashionistas on social media refers to the area to the right of Seoul Forest Station – between Seongsu and Ttukseom stations.

The new “hot zone” has a vibe similar to some of the other semi-industrial gentrified areas, such as Mullae-dong and Mangwon-dong. With local traditional crafts coexisting with hip cafes, trendy restaurants, and wealthy residences, Seongsu is an interesting place to explore and search for the elusive “soul of Seoul”.

The urban Seoul Forest adds some natural colors to the area: famous for its deer enclosure, elegant cherry tree alleys, and grass meadows, the park gradually merges with the Han River Park. No wonder that this beautiful and unique neighborhood was chosen for living by such top Korean celebrities as G-Dragon, Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Soo Man and even Han Ye Seul


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