Shopping and Transportation Hub of Seoul

Main sights: Seorae French Village, Banpo Bridge, Express Bus Terminal Shopping Town, Seoul Arts Center

Influence of Gangnam has slowly spilled over to the nearby neighborhoods, including quiet Seocho, green Yangjae, and busy Banpo. The atmosphere on this side of Gangnam feels more refined as it is not only home to such high profile institutions as Seoul National University of Education, South Korea's Supreme Court, and Seoul Art Center, but also offers elegant green spaces for urban relaxation.

This is a perfect neighborhood for serious businesses, posh art lovers, and wealthy families. Green spaces of Han River Park, Seoul National Cemetery, Montmartre and Yangjae parks account for the fresh air in the district, with just a whiff of cinnamon and fresh bakery rising up from the French Village Seorae.

Seocho has a perfect mixture of apartments, residential conveniences, art, and shopping. Moreover, is also a major transportation hub with the Express Bus Terminal and Nambu Bus Terminal that connect Seoul to all major Korean cities.


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