The Student Center of Seoul

Main sights: Hongdae, Sinchon, Yeonnam-dong, Mangwon Market, World Cup Stadium

Mapo is best known for its vibrant student communities concentrated around four top Korean universities - Yonsei, Hongik, Ewha, and Sogang. The unique location of the area has heavily influenced its image and vibe. The streets around the universities are full of cheap and fun bars, bbq places and chicken restaurants. Everything here is aimed at students: from crowded all-you-can-drink joints with K-pop music to underground bowling alleys, game arcades and pool clubs. 

Hongdae is an area around Hongik University, where trendy youth and subcultures of Seoul converge to create what must be one of the most exotic ambiances in South Korea. Hongdae has long been serving as the bastion of Seoul’s subculture and indie culture, where young passionate artists can express themselves through urban art, live busking performances and opening up their own stores. The district overflows with unique themed cafes, small galleries, accessory and flagship stores that cannot be found anywhere else in Seoul.

Hapjeong-Mangwon is a classier, quieter neighbor of Hongdae. Up until the development of the World Cup Stadium and its surroundings, Mangwon was considered a run-down area with the big Mangwon Traditional Market at its center. With the recent gentrification, it has evolved into one of the trendiest spots in Seoul famous not only for the YG Building and the market but also for countless designer shops, cute cafes and hip food joints.  


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Seasonal Event: Spring Festival

Lotte World Adventure

Seasonal Event: Spring Festival (Mar 9 ~ Jun 23) Check out the newly Spring themed Lotte World, featuring cherry blossoms, fantasy parades and 90's themed photozones and costume rentals Seasonal Attractions Seasonal Events   Lotte World Adventure 1F Lotte World Adventure has been transformed to a park full of cherry blossoms! Immerse yourself with the beauty of pink and white cherry blossoms and enjoy Lotte World's attractions Photo-Shoot Studio Adventure, Amazing Art Studio 4F Another theme for the Lotte World Spring Festival is "Back to the 90s", featuring 90's style Korean fashion, buildings and attractions. Don't miss out to take photos with your friends or lover in this studio Pixie Magic Salon Costume Rental Store Adventure, Pixie Magic B1 A Korean tradition when coming to Lotte World is wearing similar looking school uniforms. In this store, you will get to experience the fashion of the 90's. Women will also be able to get make-up and styling service!     Fantasy Mask Parade  Everyday, Adventure Parade Course 1F Hundreds of actors and actresses will appear wearing various character, flower and fantasy masks! Mysterious Mask Wonderland 3:30 pm / 6:30 pm, Adventure Garden Stage 1F Themed from Wizard of Oz, and featuring characters from your favorite fairy tales (such as Pinochio), watch this amazing performance and dance Fun Fun Elise 5:30 pm, Adventure Parade Course 1F Themed from Alice in Wonderland and the mysterious friends, enjoy watching your favorite fairy tale come to life and appear right infront of you  

Mar 9, 2019 ~ Jun 23, 2019