The Shopping and Fashion Hub of Seoul

Main sights: Seoul Flea Market, Kyunghee University Campus

Located in central Seoul, Dongdaemun is a large area most famous for the commerce and transportation hub of Cheongnyangni Station and three major universities: the University of Seoul, Kyunghee University and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Interestingly, the well-known Dongdaemun Gate, Dongdaemun Market and Dongdaemun Design Plaza are located in the neighboring districts of Jongno and Junggu, despite bearing the same name. 

Dongdaemun is one of the main shopping districts of Korea, rivaled only by Myeongdong. Endless shopping centers, markets, plazas, malls and individual stalls stretch for hundreds of meters in all directions from the center of the area. Since most of the businesses work 24 hours or at least till late night, shoppers can indulge in a full-day shopping rampage without thinking of the time limitations.

Majority of shopping malls, markets and specialized shops (the area has a strong Russian, Central Asian and Indian presence) are concentrated around the “crashed alien ship” – the futuristic Dongdaemun Design Plaza, created by Zaha Hadid. The peculiar lines of the building stand in stark contrast to the rigid structure of the traditional Joseon era Dongdaemun Gate.


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