The Educational and Cultural Center of Northeastern Seoul

Main sights: Bukhansan Mountain, Suraksan Mountain, The Buk Seoul Museum of Art

Located in the northeastern part of Seoul, Nowon is the most densely populated district in the city. It borders two other residential areas of Jungnang and Dobong, and shares some of the natural parks and mountains with them. 

Apart from many green spaces for the residents, Nowon is also home to countless hagwons, schools, and universities, including Kwangwoon University, Sahmyook University, the Korea Military Academy, Sejong Science High School, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Induk University and Seoul Women's University. 

The area also has several cultural and historical sites, and boast an ultra-modern Buk Seoul Museum of Art - part of the SeMA complex hosting a great collection of modern art and a number of educational programs.  


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