Youth Center in Eastern Seoul

Main sights: Children's Grand Park, Kondae

Located on the northern bank of Han River, Gwangjin is not a name that is widely known to foreign visitors. However, it is one of Seoul’s most popular student hangouts famous for its cheap rent, all-night fun, and fashion. Concentrated around Konkuk University, the area of Kondae is rife with DVD and karaoke rooms, cheap food joints, all-you-can-drink bars and stuffy loud clubs. It is also a center of youthful fashion: one of the first Korean new concept “shipping container” markets – Common Ground – is a popular venue for fashion shows, festivals, flea markets, and parties.

After loud busy Kondae, peaceful atmosphere of the Children’s Grand Park is a welcome respite. The park is across the road from Sejong University and offers long pensive paths and trails, cherry blossom alleys, wide grass meadows, stages and kids’ performances, a lotus pond and a small zoo. Besides being a center for students and children, GHwangjin is also one of the major Seoul’s transportation hubs with the Dong Seoul Bus Terminal and a famous electronics center with its huge TechnoMart mall.

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