Domestic Flights Hub of Seoul

Main sights: Seonam Waterworks Park, Seoul Botanical Garden

Located to the south of the Han River, Gangseo district is mostly a residential area with middle-class apartment buildings, modern streets and a high concentration of airline headquarters. It is mostly for the Gimpo Airport, connecting Seoul to Busan, Jeju, Japan, and China. The area is easily accessible by several subway lines (line 2, line 5 and line 9), shuttles and city buses.

The district has several residential parks, hiking trails on Gaehwa and Gungsan Mountains, Seonam Waterworks Park and Office, and reconstructed Seoul Botanical Garden (scheduled to open in 2018). Historical and cultural sites are also scattered around the modern apartment blocks, including the Yangcheon Confucian School, Yangcheon Wall Ruins, Yaksasa Temple and Heojun Museum. District residents flock to the huge Gangseo Farmer’s Market to buy fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood. 



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