The Natural Respite of Seoul

Main sights: Bukhansan National Park

Literally meaning “North of the River”, Gangbuk is a total opposite to its southern counterpart – Gangnam. Whereas Gangnam district is busy, loud and highly urbanized, Gangbuk is a residential area, famous for the gigantic 840m-tall Bukhansan Mountain, Bukhansan National Park, and Dream Forest Park. The mountain spreads 70km over other districts and the neighboring province of Gyeonggi-do, but its main hiking trails start in Gangbuk.

The hiking trails of Bukhansan National Park attract over 5 million visitors per year (a Guinness Book record) with their majestic views of Seoul, ragged peaks, historical temples and a Joseon fortress perched on the precipitous mountain ridge. Recently remodeled Dream Forest Park, on the other hand, offers a combination of nature and modernity: it boasts wide picnic areas, a high-tech observatory and various art spaces for a more relaxing pastime.     



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