The Glamours Center of Seoul

Main sights: Garosu-gil, COEX, Bongeunsa Temple, Seolleung/Jeongneung Royal Tombs

Gangnam is a famous business area south of the river Han. The district gained worldwide fame after the release of a global hit “Oppa Gangnam-style” by PSY, a song and video about a typical “Gangnam-style” posh lives. Gangnam is the center of commerce, luxurious apartments, beauty clinics, sky-scrappers, expensive boutiques and high-scale restaurants. The area is especially famous for its extravagant nightlife, as the best and biggest Korean clubs are located here.

With 26 neighborhoods Gangnam is one of the largest districts in Seoul. Majority of restaurants, shops and landmarks are concentrated around big subway stations of Gangnam and along the main streets. Buildings of major Korean companies and banks are located along the main streets, while numerous restaurants and cafes hide in the nearby side alleys.  

Gangnam area is home to a number of major corporate headquarters and is often referred as the “Teheran Valley”. Teheran Valley, stretching along the Teheran street, was named after Silicon Valley in San Francisco due to the number of Internet-related companies, such as Naver, Daum, and Google, operating here. Samsung Electronics, SK, various Korean and international financial and business institutions like POSCO, Citibank, and Standard Chartered also have head offices in Teheran Valley.


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