The City That Never Sleeps

Climate: winter -2.5C / summer 26C

Population: 10,197,000

Slogan: "I Seoul U"


Seoul is the vibrant capital of South Korea, located on the hills and valleys along the Han River. The city has been steadily growing over the last decades, slowly devouring its suburbs and nearby cities, creating a sprawling urban conglomeration with over 20 million people.

The growth rate and diversity of the city influence heavily its architecture and style: quiet mountains, serene parks and calm rivers mix closely together with hi-tech complexes, business sky-scrapers and futuristic neon-lit neighborhoods.


Seoul is a bustling modern city with a thousand year old history. Glass-façade buildings coexist with centuries-old temples, ancient city gates are surrounded by busy highways, and tiny narrow streets often hide traditional markets untouched by time. All 25 districts of Seoul have something differnet to offer: from royal palaces to centuries-old hanoks, modern residential areas and rocky mountains.


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