The Heart of Korea's Southeast

Daegu is situated in the heart of the southeastern Gyeongsang region and, with a population of nearly 2.5 million people, is the fourth largest city in Korea. The city has a long history dating all the way back to 1601 when it was designated the capital of the Gyeongsang-do province, becoming the region’s economic hub, which it continues to be to this day. In the 1960’s, Daegu experienced a boom in manufacturing, mostly in the textile and machinery industries, which despite experiencing a decline in recent years still carries a strong legacy in the city. Daegu also has a reputation as the stronghold of Korea’s conservative political parties, but despite the conservative attitudes of the city’s older generation, the city has a flourishing art and music scene that’s strengthened by its proximity to other major cities such as Busan and Ulsan.


The most iconic landmark in Daegu is the 83 Tower, situated on the top of Duryu Park in the heart of the city, which provides an incredible 360-degree panoramic view of the city from its observation deck. The tower provides an incredible backdrop to Daegu’s annual Chimac Festival, a festival dedicated solely to the consumption of fried chicken and beer that takes place every July in Duryu Park and features tons of performances by famous Korean music artists. The city is also home to two professional sports teams: the Daegu Lions baseball team, who play in the beautiful, ultra-modern Daegu Samsung Lions Park, and the Daegu FC soccer team.


There’s also plenty of traditional culture to explore in Daegu. The city is home to Yangnyeongsi Market, the largest oriental medicine market in the country, Seomun Market, which is one of Korea’s oldest markets, dating back to the Joseon Dynasty, and the Buddhist Temple of Donghwasa, which dates back all the way to the year 493 CE. There are also quite a few mountains surrounding Daegu, such as Palgongsan and Apsan Park, that are great to hike and catch an incredible view overlooking the city below. After a long day touring the city, be sure to fill your empty stomach with two of Daegu’s most famous foods, Makchang, large grilled beef intestines, and Maeun Galbijjim, a stew of spicy braised beef ribs.


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