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Gwangju is the regional hub of Korea’s southwest region of Jeolla-do, a medium-sized city of about 1.5 million people defined by the tragic events of the Gwangju Uprising and famous for what is considered to be the best cuisine in all of Korea. Protests against Korea’s military dictatorship on May 18th, 1980 snowballed into a citywide uprising calling for democratic elections but was ultimately brutally crushed by the military, with hundreds of people killed and thousands more imprisoned and tortured. The uprising on May 18th, 1980 has since been designated an official day of remembrance, and Gwangju is now widely known as the “City of Democracy and Human Rights”. The film “A Taxi Driver” is centered around the events of the Gwangju Uprising, and broke multiple box office records in Korea when it was released in 2017.


Numerous memorials and museums pay homage to the Gwangju Uprising across the city, such as the May 18th National Cemetary in Mangwol-dong, 5.18 Liberty Park in Sangmu, and the May 18th National Archive in Geumnam-ro, the site of some of the uprising’s worst violence. The legacy of the Gwangju Uprising is still strong, and the vast majority of its inhabitants lean to the left politically. But while the city continues to enshrine and memorialize the tragic events of May 18th, it has also sought to assert itself as a city of the arts, with the construction of the Gwangju Biennale in 1995 and the Asia Culture Center in 2015. Both institutions regularly host exhibitions of famous Korean and international artists, as well as films and various performances. The Asia Culture Center has a massive arts library and Asian Art Archive that’s open to the public. Gwangju is also known as a baseball city, producing former major leaguers such as Kim Byung-Hyun and Kang Jung-Ho, and its Kia Tigers baseball team is a point of pride for the local citizens. Its home stadium, Kia Champions Field, is one of the top ballparks in the entire country.


Jeolla-do has long been known as the “breadbasket of Korea” due to its abundance of arable land, and Gwangju’s importance as Jeolla-do’s largest city has allowed it to develop what is arguably the nation’s best cuisine. Oritang, a duck stew cooked in a delicious, thick broth, Tteokgalbi, grilled patties of minced beef short ribs, Heukyeomsotang, a hearty goat stew, Sangchu twigim, various deep fried goodies wrapped in lettuce, Boribap, barley rice mixed with various vegetables and sauces, and Hongeo, fermented skate with a very strong smell and taste, define the delectable cuisine of Gwangju and its surrounding metropolitan area, with few restaurants serving this type of cuisine outside its city limits.


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COEX C-Festival: Contents Showcase Festival


    The biggest festival by COEX, C-Festival 2019 starts today until May 5th (Sunday). C-Festival combines different exhibitions, experiences and showcases into one so you definitely don't want to miss this experience out! C-Festival 2019 is divided into several sections: - 360 Seoul - Creative Challenge Global Conference         Start off by attending a conference, featuring world-wide analysts dealing with the issues of creativity, technology and Networking. You will surely gain some new business insights after this conference.   Admission:  1 Day Early Bird: 30,000 KRW ~ 2019.04.19 Regular: 50,000 KRW ~ 2019.04.30 On-Site: 50,000 KRW ~ 2019.05.02~05.03 2 Days Early Bird: 50,000 KRW ~ 2019.04.19 Regular: 80,000 KRW ~ 2019.04.30 On-Site: 80,000 KRW ~ 2019.05.02~05.03   - Stage C-    Date: 05.02~05.05 Location: COEX 1F Hall A Entrance fee Very Goods 2019 features and showcases some of the best brand goods and artworks. There are several experience zones such as live art shows, talk shows, and a goods fair market. Date: 05.02~05.05 Location: COEX Hall B Entrance fee Exhibition about environmental-friendly vehicles and technology, featuring world-wide automobile industries. Date: 05.03~05.05 Location: COEX Hall C Entrance fee One of the biggest K-beauty , make-up related exhibition and showcase. It also features some famous models and beauty creators.   Date: 05.04~05.04 Location: COEX Hall A 1, A 2 Limited Entry A Fashion show/festival with music. It is one of Seoul's biggest brand fashion festival featuring several world-wide models, brands and celebrities Date: 05.01~05.05 Location: COEX Lobby (East Gate) Featuring kid-friendly showcases and experience zones featuring safety programs by Hyundai Automobiles, a Lego Motor Show, and creating your own fairy tale event.     Main Stage         Meet your favorite artists, K-Pop Stars and bands who will be performing during C-Festival! Don't miss out artists such as N-Flying (May 4th), Eric Nam (May 5th), Haon (May 6th) and girl group Girlfriend (May 5th)!

May 2, 2019 ~ May 5, 2019

Seasonal Event: Tulip Festival


Seasonal Event: Tulip Festival (Mar 16 ~ Apr 28) Check out the daily seasonal events by Everland and make sure to check out the new attractions and events below for a once in a lifetime experience.   Seasonal Attractions Seasonal Events Four Seasons Garden: (Mar 16 ~ Apr 28) Walk along the newly themed Tulip Garden featuring artworks and styles from the famous Dutch abstract artist Mondriaan Mondriaan's Illiusion: (Mar 16 ~ June 16), 11 am ~ 6 pm Explore the newly built art studio featuring live artworks from abstract artist Mondriaan, with collaboration works by media artist Park Jae Sung Brick+Querencia Zone: (Mar 16 ~ June 16), 12 pm - 6 pm If you love legos, then this new attraction is just for you. This attraction is recommended for children to build their imaginations and creativity through active brick building Hello Holland! (Every Saturday in April only) In collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, check out weekly unique events such as "wear Netherland's traditional dress, tulip class and king's day event" Fairy in Art: (Mar 16th - 27th) Watch the tulips come to life at the Four Seasons Garden! Feel free to take photos, and be amazed and the colorful living artwork of tulips and Mondriaan Carnival Fantasy Parade (Day) - Moonlight Parade (Night) (Mar 29th Onwards) Finally, make sure to check out the daily carnival fantasy parade which you can only see during Spring. There are parades during day and night!    

Apr 1, 2019 ~ Apr 28, 2019