Homeland of Silla Kingdom, A Historic Province

Gyeongsangbuk-do or Gyeongbuk in short, is located along Eastern Korea, and is bounded by the East-sea. It houses cities such as Daegu, Gyeongju, and Pohang. It is a rather historic province, as it retains most cultural, and historical aspects from the Silla Kingdom from the Chosun Period. Cities such as Andong, or Gyeongju have much of its structures and housing built in the form of a hanok (traditional Korean housing).


Take a visit to cities such as Andong and Gyeongju, to sightsee and take in Korea's cultural elements, especially, don't miss out the Hahoe Folk Village in Andong. You can also visit the Haein-sa or the Bulguk-sa Temple, if you have a Buddhist religion. Finally, if you are up for an adventure along the sea, you can visit Ulleung Island to get an up-close view of Korea's Dokdo island, or you may even take the chance to go to Dokdo yourself!


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