Korea's Most Scenic Province

Gangwon-do is a province, located along north-east Korea, with its capital at Chuncheon. It is bounded by the East Sea and is also famous for its DMZ Line along the norther border. Gangwon-do is famous for several reasons, and the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in 2018, was also hosted in Gangwon-do province.


Some of the most scenic places can be found at Gangwon-do as it is home to the all-season popular Nami-Island, as well as some of Korea's most famous beaches. A lot of people from Seoul will visit Sokcho Beach, as it is the closest beach along the East Coast. You can hop on a rail-bike to enjoy the nature scenery at Gangchon Rail Park, or even try out an extreme sport such as paragliding from the mountains. You can find several shooting locations for famous K-dramas such as Goblin (도깨비), or Winter Sonata. Finally, if you would like take a glimpse of Korean history, you can visit Cheorwon and sightsee along the DMZ borders.


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