Sealala is a relaxing spa where you can enjoy traditional Korean jjimjilbang (bath house) culture in a modern environment all year round. At Sealala, guests can enjoy various jjimjilbang and spa facilities, such as a red clay sauna, a charcoal herbal medicine room, far-infrared radiation room, an ice room, etc.




Non-Peak Periods (Sept. 1st, 2018 ~ May 31st, 2019)



Price (won)



Water Park

(Sept. 1st, 2018 ~ May 31st, 2019)

Day Pass (10:00~19:00)

35,000 KRW

29,000 KRW

Afternoon Pass (15:00~19:00)

23,000 KRW

19,000 KRW


Sauna & Bath House


Sauna & Bath House

[24 Hours]

Daytime (05:00~21:00)

8,000 KRW

7,000 KRW

Nighttime (21:00~05:00)

10,000 KRW

9,000 KRW



Sauna Pass (10 visits)



  • Discover Seoul Pass Holders: One-time free admission to Sauna & Bath House


Important Information

  • Only the Korean spa/sauna facilities are free with Discover Seoul Pass. Waterpark admission fee must be paid separately.

  • Jjimjilbang clothing rental is free with Discover Seoul Pass.

  • If you stay for over 12 hours, you will need to pay 1,000 KRW for every extra hour

  • Every year in September or October, the spa will be closed for 2-3 weeks for scheduled maintenance of facilities (visitors will be notified about the schedule in advance)


Address: SK Leaders View B2, 164, Mullae-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

Tel: 02-1522-9661

Hours: 24 hours

Closed Days: Open Year-round (Except for a 2-3 week period in early Fall for renovations)



Company NameSealala (씨랄라워터파크)
Category Tour & Sightseeing Sports, Lesure & Hobbies Social Family & Living

164 Mullae-ro, Mullaedong 3(sam)-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea Sealala Water Park

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