Sangseung Observation Post and No 1 Tunnel

Sangseung Observation Post and No 1 Tunnel

상승OP 제1땅굴

Get a glimpse of the front lines of the DMZ at Sangseung Observation Post (OP), a fully functioning observation post that monitors North Korean troop movements 24 hours a day. Visitors to Sangseung OP can get a look at both North Korean soldiers and their facilities right across the DMZ as well as the gorgeous wildlife that has developed inside the DMZ itself. 


The 1st Infiltration Tunnel was discovered on November 15, 1974, by a South Korean reconnaissance team who spotted steam rising from the ground. As they investigated, a North Korean guard post opened fire on their team. A few days later a larger team went over to investigate, but upon entering the tunnel triggered an explosive device, killing one American and one South Korean soldier and wounding six others. Because the tunnel is located inside the DMZ it is inaccessible to tourists. However, a mock recreation of the discovery of the tunnel as well as information about it is situated right by the Sangseung OP. 


Visitors must bring their passports in order to gain admission to the post. Admission is prohibited without one (Exception: children and teenagers accompanied by adults). 


Company NameSangseung Observation Post and No 1 Tunnel (상승OP 제1땅굴)
Category Tour & Sightseeing Outdoors & Adventure
Opening Hours09:00 ~ 16:00

642-4 Baeknyeong-ri, Baekhak-myeon, Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do