Running Man Ep.1 - Treasure Hunt

Running Man


Korea’s most famous variety show, Running Man, now has its own theme park in the popular neighborhood of Insadong, where visitors can go through recreations of some of the show’s most notorious obstacle courses. Race against your friends to complete the obstacles in six different experience zones in the fastest time. There are a wide variety of challenges, such as navigating a dark maze, throwing balls at a target, monkey bars, and even a test of how loud you can scream and how fast you can run. 

Collect the R-Points hidden in the courses with your electronic bracelet along the way. If you collect more than 80 R-Points you will receive a certificate and a special gift! You will also receive special benefits from SM Duty-Free like discounts on purchases and free goodies. Even if you don’t hit the 80-point threshold, you can still go home with a special Running Man Badge. This theme park is perfect for groups of friends to have a bit of a friendly competition, as well as fans of Running Man who want to experience the actual challenges of the program. 


You are now the 8th member of Running Man!
'Running Man Ep1. Treasure Hunt' is a revolutionary, exciting new attraction based on the TV show where you can become a Running Man member.
As a Running Man, you complete the missions! 
As the 8th member, receive your mission and complete the various, exciting tasks.
Complete the 12 Missions
Participants achieve R-Points for completing missions. Missions include Jump Rope, Touch the Nametags, Dark Maze, Mirror Maze, and more.
Try to Collect All 88 R-Points
Participants will receive a Running Man Badge depending on how many R-Points collected. If Participants collect over 80 R-Points they will receive a Running Man Certificate and enter the Running Man Hall of Fame!


A. Running Man Beginner
Training zone to learn how to properly collect R Points.

B. Run & Run
Speed is required to be a Running Man. Move your legs as fast as possible to collect more R Points!

C. Jump Rope
Life is all about timing!  Jump in tandem with the lights.



D. Squat Maze
Crouch down and find a way through the maze. Pop up at different checkpoints to find the R Mark!


E. Dark Maze
Use your other four senses to find a way through this pitch black maze!


F. Ball Throwing
Cooperate with teammates to throw balls through the holes ! 



G. Scream!
Shout your lungs out!


H. Touch the Nametags
React quickly to touch the words that light up.

I. Where's R-Mons ?
Keep your eyes open for the R-Mons!


J. Ring Hanging
Push yourself to the limits of your endurance. Don't let go!


K. Tap Tap
Tap fast, relieve stress, and get R-Points.


L. Mirror Maze
Watch yourself walk in circles and end up where you began. Find the last of the R-Points to get to the Hall of Fame. 


Running Man Badges
Find R-Points anywhere
A Running Man Bandge will be awarded depending on the number of R-Points you collect.
1st Level : Three Running Man Badges (88 R-Points)
2nd Level : Two Running Man Badges (80~87 R-Points)
3rd Level : One Running Man Badge (Below 79 R-Points)


Running Man Certificate

If you collect over 80 R-Points you will officially be the 8th member of Running Man!  You will be awarded a certificate, your picture will be hung in the Running Man Hall of Fame, and you can receive special beneifts at SM Duty-Free, located in the same building.



 Operating Hours  Price
  Open Year-Round
10:00 ~ 20:00
(Last Admission: 19:00)

 * Infants under 36 months of age get free admission

   * Pants recommended
    * Children under the age of 13 are required to be accompanied by a guardian.
    * Entrance for children under 110cm is restricted for safety reasons.
    * No reservations, tickets are issued on a first come first served basis.
    * Customers may have to wait to enter during busy days, such as weekends and public holidays.
    * Place valuables and other personal items in the lockers. Running Man is not responsible for
      any lost items.
    * Running Man is not responsible for any accidents caused by customer carelessness.
    * Structures can cause injury, play at your own risk.
    * Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.
    * For their own safety, elderly, pregnant, and disabled persons should inquire with staff before entering.


Company NameRunning Man (런닝맨)
Category Outdoors & Adventure Sports, Lesure & Hobbies Social Family & Living

South Korea, Seoul, Jongno-gu, Insa-dong, Insadong 5-gil, 종로 가동 Poopoo Land

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